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Coffee & Peace Hostel is located in a important place. There is a very great deal to visite, to do and to discover for entertainment around. It's a strategic place where you could find anything you want. Near to the metro, bus, transports and the differents places to be ! I like to receive volunteers and to engage them in the heart of my project !

Hii my name is Alex. I like to talk with peoples who come from all over the world ! It allows me to improve my English because i love it ! I could talk about the things to do close to the Coffee & Peace Hostel with you. You could talk about with me, if you want, of your life, your hobbies, your kind of music and a lot of others things... I need some volunteers concerning my project in Coffee & Peace Hostal. That's why I need volunteers for : Tasks about appartments and rooms : - To maintain the common areas properly clean - To keep the kitchen, the rooms etc...clean. The basics things finally. Tasks about digital works : - I would like to improve my visibilty in the websites, social networks... - Needs peoples with one piece of knowledge in communication, graphic design... Tasks about welcome people : - People for manage welcome of the guests, bookings, show the place to live in hostel/apparement etc... - People for help the guests if they need anything... - People who talk english and spanish language at least is preferable Tasks about the creavity : - People who can help in the room arrangement - People who can bring place singular and original by paint, construction, art... Ideas are welcome !


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I volunteered at this hostel and it was terrible and I ended up leaving ahead of time. The owner treats the volunteers very badly, in addition to talking thick (without any discretion, in front of the guests) and implying something totally petty and unnecessary. You do not understand the essence of voluntary work, AN EXCHANGE. I had the impression that he uses this supposed exchange to be greedy earning money without spending anything hiring people to help in the establishment
If you do a Google search you will see many complaints from volunteers of it
I do not recommend volunteers or guest

about 7 hours ago

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