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This is an awesome opportunity to soak up genuine Cambodian culture and feel a sense of accomplishment at the same time. Between the restaurant and the farm there are a lot of ways to contribute. You can work at the tasks that you feel the most comfortable doing. Plus, you will be able to travel to our farm whenever you want and do some great site-seeing in the Cambodian province. We have 2 adorable girls that love to learn. We hope that you will get along with them as they will probably be pestering you (in a fun way) constantly. You will have lots of freedom to do as you please, and there is a ton of fun stuff to do in Phnom Penh. We will be your guides as you explore this excellent city and country.

The restaurant is a small family operation. If you are helpful then everyone will be very excited to have you. We do not make a lot of money but the living is comfortable. We live at the restaurant: husband, wife, 2 kids and a brother. We also employ daytime staff and a nighttime bartender. The businesses operate by themselves, but we have difficulty doing sales and marketing. The farm, in Takeo province, is about 25 years old and also runs by itself. The crop is 'long pepper,' which is a niche form of table pepper (round pepper). The premiums for this crop are very high in the west, but we sell mostly to Vietnam where we receive a low price. We need your help to access European markets. We do not expect you to make sales. But if you are able to help us make sales, you will be paid for it. We can also use your help marketing our retail pepper products in Phnom Penh.

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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