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It is still London though we are on the border off LONDON. POSTCODE TW27SQ And if the Twickenham house is full then I can still accommodate you in the other house (TW209LU- EGHAM) 15 mins away from Twickenham where Central London is still half hour by train to Waterloo from Egham and 20mins from Twickenham. Lots food haha... I like to cook...Some admin if you have the experience would be great too...
Twickenham is an affluent area with riverside and great shopping n pubs too!
Sundays are always off but you can have two days your choice so long as you can do the 30 hours in the one week thanks. Work, walk the dogs twice daily, housekeeping, cleaning maybe a little painting and some collection of food charity work I do. Minimum stay 6 weeks please! Flexi £15 p/day if no work & out not including 30 hours as agreed

I treat my volunteers like family & friend and hope they are too. Your part - No penny pinching with time as I am also quite generous and very flexible with time. I do not want lazy people/volunteers who just used me as their stepping stone, not work for their accommodation and food .... you will be surprise how many there are like that! Also I keep a deposit of £50 fully refundable if you take keys and not return back unfortunately I have to change the locks for security reasons and will costs me money also if you suddenly decide to leave for a better opportunity and leave me without help. In this case I will hold your deposit to either change the locks which costs more than £50 or that i have to take on emergency cleaner till the next one!! This is just so we know that we can rely on each other on this exchange thanks a bunch. Best to everyone X


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Rina is an amazing host and her dog Jessie is a lovely lady ♥️ it was a great experience to me because I had the opportunity to learn a lot about business and the local culture.
We had a lot of food and many cocktails during the spare time. Hahaha
I’d love if the work didn’t have any gap during the day because these gaps (spare times) make u have no time to hang out a lot. Despite that, I could enjoy it a lot.

2 months ago

Rina replied

Belcio is a good Volunteer always enthusiastic to learn about business. I think he has a natural talent for Business but needs to improve with experience which I think he most definitely can! Good overall works well with my housekeeping, gardening besides he loves my Jessie which is always a plus sign for me. Well done Belcio you are very welcome back again here. We would love to have you again woof woof from Jessie XX



Rina is a very kind person, she teaches us how to do all the work and helped me with absolutely everything. The work is easy and peaceful. She has a dog called Jessy who is very friendly, also hep me so much with my english comunication and business, I loved walking with her every day and having her company. Spending these weeks with Rina was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. I really recommend the same experience to others.

3 months ago

Rina replied

Vitor is an amazing lovable character. Honest and happy person. Whilst he lacks cleaning skills he is very enthusiastic at learning new skills to include also English language and business ethics. His volunteer works are satisfactory but done in a good finished manner. I am happy to have met Vitor. Jessy and I missed him and loved his time with us. He can surely come back anytime. My projection of Vitor, he is going to be successful as he is a determine and good person. We love you Vitor X



It wasn't light experience like the others I had. Rina has a very strong personality, but she is generous and good. If you are an easy-going person, you will know and be able to deal with situations well. One of the things that bothered me was the fact that my working hours were often divided, and as a result you end up working practically all day instead of 6 hours straight. However, she gave me a lot of tips on places to go, whether you are well fed, and I had the pleasure of accompanying her a few times in the classes she takes at the gym. It was a different but rich experience for myself.

4 months ago



My experience with Rina was good and allowed me to see parts of London during my 2wks there. The work consisted of cleaning her properties or at a hotel, helping w/ daily tasks and walking her sweet dog Jessie. Rina is caring, interesting and lives a busy lifestyle so you’re always on the go. I would recommend this to someone who’s willing to actually work & has patience, as everyday is different. While you only work 6hrs a day, some days are longer as you need to travel to the different properties. The food was plentiful and Rina is flexible with schedules which was nice!

5 months ago

Rina replied

Lauren is fantastic and did a great job. We hang out for wines and drinks most evenings after work whenever she is around. It was good fun to have her around.
Main thing is she loves Jessie too.
Thanks a bunch Lauren good having you. Best for your future endeavours X



My experience in this volunteering was quite disappointing. It consisted of working in a hotel from 8 am to 2 pm, with the right to two 30-minute breaks. In the afternoon work 1 hour more at Rina's house. The hotel is far from the house, therefore I had to leave at 7 am, return at approximately 3:30 pm due to traffic and then do 1 hour more. I add that you can have nice conversations with Rina most of the time and her food is delicious, but regarding volunteer hours it's quite questionable.

6 months ago

Rina replied

It is obious for someone who left after 3 days that this volunteer does not like work exchange and would have preferred a full holiday instead coupled with free accommodation. As advertised though this is a work exchange not a lay by holiday with freebies. Roles reversal I dont think the other party would say this!
Win some lose some. Wish volunteers would read the ads closely for the exchange agreed.

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