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Milwaukee is a fun city to explore and close to many other midwest cities such as Chicago to visit. Affordable to stay and get to know the city more then just a few days of travel.

Our staff all lives locally in Milwaukee and have for years. We have projects already at the hostel volunteers can see if they are interested in beyond housekeeping but also do give a fair amount of freedom to the volunteers to have time to explore and see the city. We're a new hostel so figuring out the routine day to day as we approach our first full spring/summer season and looking for volunteers who want to help develop the culture of our hostel.


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Coming back to the Worldpackers platform, I choose Cream City Hostel because I saw that it was the first ever hostel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The atmosphere was fantastic and the hostel itself was in much of it’s improvement state. I enjoyed the knowledge and my friendship with Carolyn as she made my experience pleasant from start to finish! I’d definitely recommend this hostel for newcomers and veterans of the Worldpackers community and I’ll surely come back in the months to come! ✌🏻


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