Creative Family House in Tórshavn

Faroe Islands is a wonderful country with many sights and drinkable tap water. You might be able to plan a trip to Nólsoy, Suðuroy, Klaksvík or go on impulsive local walks when the weather is perfect or decent. Visit Tórshavn is a tiny block away and will be able to sell you various tickets and give you plenty of advice to where you can travel. There is a small planted wood nearby, a cinema and a crossfit fitness centre next door, the marina is two minutes away. My neighboorhood is a nice mix of family homes, shops and late night bars. It can be loud at night during the weekends. My house in the center of the tiny metropol and you're contribution will be appreciated.

I have alsways enjoyed to travel and experience other cultures and have for years welcomed international visitors to my own home. Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic I'm not hosting at the moment. I'm hoping to host for again in the near future when the Faroes will encourage tourists again. However If you are unhappy at my place I'm ok with you moving on and I promice that I will let you know if I feel that you are in the wrong home. However, if we are able to communicate clearly then we can smooth out any misunderstandings and move on. An 11-year-old child, a guinea pig and not too well trained young dog live with me. They are treasured and their privacy must be respected.


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