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It was my first volunteer and it couldn't have been better.Conor is the best person I have ever met, he sticks to the schedule and agreement.
Thanks for everything to the family! ❤️

about 2 months ago



Conor is a pleasure host and very friendly. But on work he is strict and works with princips because he wants a finished work and after that you can get good talks with him and enjoy the evening. 😊

2 months ago



I been in Gorey for my first time and I had the pleasure to meet Conor and his family. I felt very good whit them ; Conor is very opened mind and he really likes to enjoy the moment . the place is wonderful and you can enjoy it better whit a ride on bike . Anyway the job is interesting because you don't gonna do every day the same things and Conor can show you and help you if you are interested to work . thanks Conor for all I have really appreciate it . See you around my friend 🍻🍻🍻

3 months ago



I had great time at Conor house!
The accommodation is amazing, nice room hot and very confortable.
The jobs is really interesting if you like building job and « DIY ».
Conor is really easy person to talk and interesting. No worries about English his accents is very understandable.
The only negative things is that you work all day around with Conor and that’s can sometimes being « long » even if Conor was always great with me. And the place is pretty isolated and then it is really difficult to have social contact.
For resume, perfect place for 3 weeks !
Thanks again Conor for everything !!

7 months ago



Conor is a great host. I was very well received and treated in your home, always with respect. He is a helpful person, who was patient with my English, always trying to explain and speak in a way that I understood. The job is fair, I learned new and interesting skills that I can use in future experiences. The place is beautiful and so are the surrounding towns. Those two weeks have been very good. Thanks for that experience Conor!

10 months ago