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Cueva Rosa is an off-grid cave in Baza, 100km from Granada city. We have 10 rescued dogs, 5 cats, a goat and chickens. We have been renovating the caves for the last 8 years, where previously they hadn't been lived in for 50 years. We now have two living areas, 3 comfortable bedrooms and a 2nd bathroom almost completed, as well as many garden areas we are working on. We are off grid, running on solar and wind power. We use our own well water. This is a rugged environment - if you don't like getting dirty and the satisfaction of a job well done, this is not the place for you! As we are off grid we need you to be conservative with your use of power and water. You can drink as much as you want but please be mindful of how much water you use to wash - water is a precious commodity. If you are scared of dogs or don't like animals in general, please do not apply - we are not an experiment for you to overcome your fear. If you shout at our dogs just because they are near you, we will ask you to leave! It's all about the dogs here :)

We are an English husband and wife team, who love animals, nature and the outdoors. We are friendly and treat our guests like one of the family. Helpers have their own private cave bedroom, and eat 3 nutritious meals a day with us. We ask for 4-5 hours work a day, dependent on the physical demand of the tasks, and often we work with you. If we're not helping you directly, you'll always have a canine helper to keep you company :D If you don't like dogs, or being touched by dogs, them being near you or animals in general, then please don't ask to stay. We do as much work as you, but it may not always be alongside you. Please be mature and respectful of our choices and requests as we will be of yours :) Our one and only experience with worldpackers was not good, however we have many many happy visitors from other helpxchange sites for the past 5 years, and we would be happy to send you our references from them :) We're prepared to try worldpackers again as we know that from our previous exchanges with other visitors on other sites, there are some wonderful people traveling out there.

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They kicked me out after 3 days without ANY previous warning. I have a complete review for who wants to know!
The excuse was: “my work was great but, I drink a lot of water and I hurted their dogs (emotionally)”.
1. You can't compare people necessities in different situations of work! If you drink and eat a quantity, seated in your office, you CAN'T compare with who is doing the fisical work in the desert with the hot sun!
2. I would never hurt any animal in life - or person, guys! Don't forget about person's feelings too, they have probably more than the dogs, and they got hurt as well.

4 months ago

jo replied

Not the truth Amanda and you know it. Anyone who wants to know the truth can contact me. We wish you well.

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