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OVERVIEW We are CVTD (Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development) - a NGO, non-profit volunteer organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam, which was founded since 2012. We operate mainly in the fields of education, community eco-tourism and support of business startup. CVTD is a member of the Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents – Human Resources, with the support from Erasmus Ka2+ by European Union funding. Our goal is to create short and long-term International Voluntary Projects to assist in long lasting community development, education and community eco-tourism; to exchange and explore cultures; broaden experiences and improve skills between Vietnamese volunteers and international volunteers. And, our purpose is linking people all over the World and helping develop human resource for sustainable development of the society. MISSION: Create innovative educational services and community eco-tours, mobilize resources of international professionals and volunteers to implement effective educational models, study tours attract numerous participants to bring social benefits. Voluntary and study tours for the development of community, education and environment are held in Vietnam with a mission to build global community events through community tourism and community education. Promote investment and international cooperation for social development in big city, the mountainous communities and rural areas, protect the environment, promote the images and Vietnam people. By expanding collaboration with international volunteering, expert human resource, organizations both within and outside Vietnam in order to establish a greater network of organizations, we will provide greater assistance to those areas in which humanitarian aid is needed. Support social enterprises in enhancing capacities of international cooperation, resource mobilization, and education framework to developing the youth. AREA: Hanoi, Sapa, Lang Son province (Bac Son), Ninh Binh city, Danang city and Ho Chi Minh city TYPE OF WORK: Teaching English / Language practice Help with Computers / Internet Marketing Helping with Community Tourists / Eco project Social work / Charity work HELP: We have an ongoing need for volunteers/internship from different culture backgrounds to reflect the rich diversity of the global community, who are united by their desire to help children and adults around the world. Now, CVTD Vietnam are seeking volunteer/internship in Vietnam, which focus in programs/projects: (*) TEACHING ENGLISH 1. Teaching English (Blended Learning Program) and travel experience in center of Hanoi. 2. Teach English for immigrant children in outskirts of Hanoi 3. Teaching English for ethnic children in Ta Van village, Sapa 4. Teaching English for rural/ethnic children, mountain area in Northern Vietnam (*) SOCIAL PROJECTS 5. Social work, helping disabled and autism children in Hanoi 6. Work on sustainable development in Ta Van village, Sapa (*) INTERNSHIP 7. Internship, internet marketing at CVTD Hanoi Office 8. Internship at CVTD Sapa Office 9. Internship as waiter/waitress in Maison de Sapa (*) HOMESTAY NETWORK 10. NYG Homestay Network Volunteers/internship will work 5 days a week, 5 hours per day. We also have many cultural exchange programmers during every the weekends and we assist volunteers/internship who have free time with any other activities they would like to partake in - visits to the city of Hanoi and outlying provinces. We are on the bus route to many areas in and around Hanoi. Volunteers/internship will have time to experience local food, landmarks Vietnam, cultural exchange, visiting and purchasing Vietnamese gifts and travel around through interaction with the host family and local people. Volunteer/Internship will be joining the NYG Coffee Talk Club with the students, the youth of Hanoi. We have got three homestay/and volunteer house in Hanoi, one in Ho Chi Minh city and homestay network in some province. One of which is in new center of Hanoi, the address is on No.47B (Bamboo house), Lane 32/48, Do Duc Duc Str., Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam. You can apply or contact us using the Apply Online Box below! Warm regards from Viet Nam...

CVTD's staff is available 24/7 by telephone or in person to support and guide you. It is extremely safe in Vietnam and there is really nothing to concern about. We want your experience in Vietnam to be as special as possible and you will be welcomed as an important member of the CVTD Vietnam family. Our headquarters is in Hanoi, the address is on N.47B (Bamboo house), Lane 32/48, Đỗ Đức Dục , Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam 100000.


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Natalia respondeu
I had a great experience with CVTD. Mrs. Dung and her family were very attentive. I was able to experience the day-to-day life of the Vietnamese, savoring great food, knowing their culture and routine. An unforgettable experience !!!

4 months ago


Very lovely place.

6 months ago


I really loved staying with CVTD for over 3 months. The host family was very helpful and they welcomed me as a family member. The food was amazing! I also had a chance to meet volunteers from all around the world. The teaching experience was a bit challenging since we did not reveive any training or introduction at the beginning and usually we were not assisted by Vietnamese teachers during our lessons but the kids were adorable so all in all it was a real pleasure to teach. Sometimes there was some disorganization but if you can get used to it, you will enjoy your experience very much!

10 months ago


The hours for volunteering were reasonable. I was able to transfer from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay for teaching options. This was great. There was some disorganization, but you just got to make sure to ask lots of questions, so that you aren't left in the dark. Accommodations were as expected. Lunch and Dinner were provided, so that was super awesome. As long as you are flexible you will enjoy the experience.

about 1 year ago


I didn't go to the trip.

about 1 year ago

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