Cydonia Cottage

We can offer a homestay for a single person or a couple in a cosy but spacious Swiss cottage in Wegenstetten, Region Fricktal, Canton Aargau, Switzerland. We do this not mainly because we need help but we want friendship and cultural exchange with people from all over the world. So beeing together with us would not only be working but also having fun and travelling together to interesting places in Switzerland and nearby Germany and France, normally once a week. Of course weekends would be free of work and you could also choose any workday as your day off. Northern Switzerland is mostly outside the famous tourist hot spots in the alps, but it is where most of the Swiss people live and where you can discover Switzerland as it really is and not the "Heidiland" shown to tourists. We live in the Jurassic Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty that has not yet been discovered by the masses.

We are Peter (58), Karin (56) and tomcat Jamiro (11) and live here in Wegenstetten since we bought this cottage in 2012. Since then we are developping it outside and inside as a good home is never finished but under constant improvement. Peter has travelled a lot and worked many times as volunteer when he was in his 20s, so he knows well what it means to volunteer and I will highly appreciate this great service. We can provide a bright and cosy guestroom with queen size double and three free meals a day. One trip per week to interesting places is also part of the deal :)

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