We are D.S.S (D.S.S FOREIGN LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER) which was found in 2018. We are a non-governmental school and we also do charity work for our community by providing children who are disabled, orphan or struggle with powerty with very cheap English and Computer education fees. We are looking for international volunteers who are willing to share with us the work experience in the countryside and want meet different people with a different lifestyle. It's not luxury here because we live in the rural area, but you will feel the fresh air, get to see a lot of rice fields, the sunrise and the sunset everyday and a lot of friendly faces. You will learn how to live as an ordinary people and see how the poverty afects their lifestyle but not their happiness. In Cambodia poor children are not educated or don't get proper training so most of them know nothing about English or Computers. They are really different from the children in the city and we want to try to equalize their opportunities for the future. I hope you feel what I'm trying to say. And if you do, I think you should come here. You should come to this place where most people think it's difficult or feel outside of their comfort zone. Rich and poor are so different. Do you want to know how they look like? What do they eat and wear? How do they sleep? And how sorrow and happy they are? You will learn a lot from them and everyone will love and like you a lot because they rarely see foreigners. You will feel loved and taken care of love. Don't worry about room, meals and more. We want our volunteers to feel happy with our community so we always try our best to make you feel at home even though it's countryside :). If you are interested in our project please contact me visa Facebook or Whatsapp as it's easier for me to revive the notifications. Whatsapp - +85561416141 +85569657557 Line: +85561416141 Big love from Cambodia

We treat our volunteers as our friends. You will be part of our family. The volunteers are so special for us because they come here to help the children in our community to have a brighter future, and that's something we'll forever be grateful for.


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English teachers are urgently needed. If you have a medium level of English and you like children, this is your place! I spent two weeks in this volunteer with my partner. It is an English school in a rural setting with its good things and its inconveniences (no shower). The site is ideal for those looking for an authentic experience and like to know the country life in Cambodia. The town is 7 km from the nearest city. Luch is a very kind person and open mind to new ideas to improve his school. We enjoyed our stay very much! If you need more details, you can contact me.



It was an amazing experience, the children are beautiful, the food are amazing, everything was very nice, I really enjoyed this volunteer and I definitely recommend it



I had a great time at the school. Exactly the kind of experience I was looking for. I worked with the kids and also organized the new school they are setting up. Life there is simple and somewhere changes you in so many ways. I'm happy to have been part of this team. Phally, Soung and Luch are great human beings.
Truly recommend!



I've been for 3 weeks in one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The school, the happy kids, the humble and dreamy teacher. A small village inside Cambodia, full of friendly families, incredible scenery, rich culture and events that I will never forget. Thank you so much Luch, you and your incredible family, and I hope to meet you soon, my friend. A big hug and success with this beautiful dream!



LUCH INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL is need of help. The owner Luch was so nice he did his best for me but unfortunately I couldn't stay there longer because of the situation I had when I arrived in his place where I couldn't really take it for few more days before the school will be totally opened. Two days after I left it was better already but I missed it because I was so depressed and lonely for my few days of stay. I wanted to help Luch and the kids but I believe it wasn't the right time yet. I will surely go back there one of these days and help him in different ways.


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