Damarli Estate

Making a difference in a child's life, is an opportunity to give back to someone, where both find meaning and purpose. As a Volunteer with Children of Panama - Damarli Estate Tour you will have the opportunity to explore the diverse land of Panama, enjoy harvest time with our migrant workers of the Ngabe Indian tribe, enjoy beaches, hiking and Boquete life.

Volunteers are like family. We all pitch in together for meals and daily living activities. My wife is from panama and her family are in the coffee industry. We run a small 17 hector coffee farm. During the harvest we have about 25 adults plus 20-30 children that come and live on our farm and harvest coffee.These family are from the Ngabe Indian tribe of Panama.


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David's estate was amazing. His rooms were nice, new, and really clean. There was always hot water. The kitchen area was beautiful and also very clean. The view from the place was great and being surrounded by coffee fields was truly an awesome experience. It was fun to see how the coffee process works. However, since we were paying to eat and stay there, we felt like we were taken advantage of a little bit. We felt limited with being able to buy food and since we cooked all the meals, we had to be strategic to not run out. We felt like he saw us as a way to make extra cash.

over 1 year ago

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