Davila Children's home is in a small village near Bomet Town, a fast growing town in Kenya. The area is home of the Kalenjin Tribe which is the largest tribe in Kenya. Volunteering at our Children’s home gives you the opportunity to interact with the children in Davila Home, the surrounding community and the staff of Davila Children's home. Again you will get a chance to visit Tenwek Waterfalls and the Big Mau Forest. We care for the orphan children at our children’s home and this is a noble cause which our volunteers really like to leave a mark to the lives of these kids through volunteering. The future and development of these kids are in jeopardy and we are the only hope to create a better future for them. A volunteer to these kids is a family member and not a stranger. When someone decide to volunteer at our children’s home he/she is the real help. By volunteering at our home, a volunteer gets a chance to go for a tour to Maasai Mara game reserve or Tsavo National park or Lake Nakuru National Park at an affordable cost with reliable partners under Kruman's Tours & Safaris Ltd.

I am Journalist by profession, a Kenyan citizen by birth, a cheerful man with a bold heart to welcome and host friends from all races and tribes who have the calling to help orphan children in one way or another. I have learnt to promote peace and live in unity with all people from various races and tribes. My greatest aim is to see a peaceful country with all people treated equally. In Davila Children's home We have a few staff as well as a board of management and currently we have 22 orphan children - 7 children living in the Children's home and 15 living with the foster families. The world Packers coming to Davila Children's Home need to expect a home away from home. We shall provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Volunteers will have humble time to interact with the surrounding community and even attend events within the community. We shall offer our native foods as one way of cultural exchange. We really love when Volunteers come to be with us since we shall show them love and care as we all try to nature the orphan children by teaching them languages, sports, how to farm, communication skills, child care and many other activities.


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Good Experience! The children are very sweet!



Noah is a great host. It was a wonderful time at Bosto and Umoja Children's Home. I helped them where I could and we had a lot of fun together. Everytime I was in need of something Noah assisted me. He shared a lot of local stories and information about Bomet and Kenya in general. Tremendous experience. I definitely recommend it to any worldpacker.


Noah replied

Thanks so much Caldi, we long for the next time you will visit us again. We appreciate the great assistance you gave us and the children. We miss you Caldi. See you soon.

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