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You can learn pretty much anything about coffee, from how it is grown, to all the various methods of brewing. We like to better ourselves in all ways possible, so we welcome any suggestions or perspectives you might like to share as well!

Blitar is not a huge city but one that has a very rich, historical story, which we love to share with our volunteers! Dotted with fun and interesting family-run tourist attractions, there are some really cool and different activities to do on your days off. You can find peace and quiet here, but you are just a short ride away from some nightlife as well -- best of all worlds!

We may organize small English lessons for our staff, as well short afternoon lessons for village children from nearby schools. During downtime, we may ask you to help us with gardening, light weeding on the plantation, and general housekeeping. If you are interested in really getting your hands dirty, I would recommend coming in June when the harvest takes place. Ps: Many people here love to meet foreigners and will approach you for small talk and pictures. So, if you are a shy or a private person, then this is not for you.

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A lifetime memory!
Very grateful to mister Wima for making all of this happen! The team at De Karanganjar is full of truly amazing people who will welcome you with open arms, they filled my days with laughter and joy and gave me so many beautiful memories; that month went super fast and it was hard saying bye!
While I was there I joined special tours and saw almost the entire behind the scenes of what makes a good cup of coffee so for those eager to learn more about it this is the place. The task won't be hard and the food given to volunteers is delicious!
Terima kasih, see you next time!

10 days ago

South Africa


Fantastic experience! Such an awesome opportunity to learn about coffee production and Javanese culture. Thank you to everyone at the plantation who made me feel at home!! Would recommend to anyone who wants to have an engaging experience :)

20 days ago

de replied

Hey Matthew!

Thanks for being part of De Karanganjar, and for being a great friend to my son, Aga.

I've really enjoyed our discussions, and of course, the cool podcasts about the history of the relationship between Indonesia and South Africa.

If I ever make it to South Africa, make sure you've got time to be my safari tour guide haha.



Great volunteering experience in the heart of Java. De Karanganjar made us feel part of the family from day 1 with their generosity and authenticity. Tasks are diversified and it is great to learn the process of transforming a coffee grain into a delicious drink. Meeting the smiley locals made us feel very special.
Highly recommended

about 2 months ago



We had a great time, everybody was very welcoming and made us feel like family. The environment is beautiful and peaceful, surrounded by nature. The tasks were easy, pleasant and varied throughout the 2 weeks (swiping, cleaning, serving coffee, sorting coffee beans, teaching, etc.). The staff were all very friendly, and we learned a lot about coffee making and local culture. The food offered was very good. It was a perfect first Worldpacker experience! Thank you Wima, Alfi, Andrei and all De Karanganjar family for this memorable experience!

about 2 months ago



The farm is a very peaceful place, surrounded by lots of nature. If you're looking for that kind of atmosphere, I highly recommend it. The people who work there are very welcoming and friendly and it was incredible to work with them. The tasks are simple, involving manual labor to maintain the farm and common areas and also as a waiter at the cafe. If you're interested, you can learn a lot about coffee from the baristas. The food served to the volunteers was very good too. On the free days they give you the chance to explore the area and do activities, which is great. I'll miss this place!

3 months ago

de replied

Hey Senhor Luca!

Thanks for your help during Ramadan, even though it's quiet around here. Our chat video about Brazilian football, I think, will be one of the most interesting podcast videos I've ever made.

If Brazil wins the 2026 World Cup, let's make a deal for a video call, okay?

Cheers and coffee up!

(Remember... Brazilian coffee was originated from Java, lol)


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