Den-eave hostel home

Because first of all,our place is a residential,non touristy area.That serves the best to the traveller,for whom travelling is to know a culture from the core.And not only visiting the monuments. Secondly,we ourselves love to meet and mingle with new people.We do not behave as a hotelier,instead we are a local well known family,and would welcome you as our new member in the family.

My name is BK (in short haha). I live here with my family which includes,my parents,sister,and a dog. We are living in this area since our great grandfather's time.And because of the family lineage we are a well known family in the society too. Though we are a middleclass family.We have recently started our homestay for tourists,out of our interest of meeting new people. While you are with us,you will be treated like a family member too.Meaning,we will laugh together,pull each others leg,fun together,go out together,eat together,without judging you for anything.We also respect each others personal space at home,and that will continue.

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