Derrybawn Mountain Field Station

Derrybawn Mountain Village is a collection of houses and lands on the edge of Wicklow Mountains National Park. We are thinking global, but acting local in terms of protecting nature and building an Irish centre for the planet.

I work in the UN, my family help run Derrybawn. I am interested in music, art, craft, making things and travel. Volunteers to Derrybawn can find a nice home, and self-contained, remote but beautiful life for a few months.


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Mi estadía no fue lo que yo esperaba, me iba a quedar 10 días pero al 4to dia decidí irme. El lugar no es apto para ningún voluntario , no ofrece comodidad alguna, en la casa hace frío todo el tiempo ya que no hay calefacción, tuve que dormir con mi campera, gorro, 2 pares de media y guantes. La cocina solo cuenta con una pava eléctrica y no hay donde cocinarse nada. Andrew es una persona muy amable pero no es claro en las tareas a realizar. Y realmente no hay un equilibrio entre las tareas que uno hace y lo que recibe.
Creo que es un lugar que tiene mucho potencial pero no se aprovecha.

3 months ago

Andrew replied

Thanks Laura,
It was great meeting you, and though you might not have enjoyed the cold and wild, and remote life in the mountains of Ireland, we wish you the best.

Our visitors do in general appreciate the wildnerness and the mountains and we give sufficient advance notice to explain extremely clearly the deal on the ground.
Stay warm!



Tivemos bons momentos e outros nem tão legais em Derrybawn. Andrew é realmente uma pessoa singular, uma fusão entre professor universitário e um soldado. Ele sempre tem a intenção de ensinar, mas entendi depois. As coisas legais são: as trilhas, a natureza, as confraternizações (poucas), e nadar no rio gelado.
As coisas não tão legais: é muito frio, mais do que tu possa imaginar, o banho é tenso, é longe de tudo, falha na comunicação, sem sinal cel, contrapartida insuficiente. Eu gostei, mas aviso que não é um chá das 5, tampouco um lugar para crying baby! O lugar tem muito potencial! Tks!

3 months ago

Andrew replied

Marco and Mirella are simply lvoely couple- Marco is a strong, fit, smart, and independent person, great to work with, and definitely great to accept in your project.



Andrew is a good person, I have learned a few things about Irish culture and have been treated great in this iconic place.
Thanks for everything, we'll see you soon.

5 months ago

United States


I had an amazing experience at Derrybawn with Andrew and the team. The local scenery is stunning and I really enjoyed the projects I was assigned. It was a great way to immerse myself in beautiful Irish nature, which is a huge plus

11 months ago



Fue una buena experiencia. Derrybawn es un lugar increíble con mucha naturaleza y paisajes hermosos, no dejes de conocerlo si pasas por Irlanda. En cuanto al trabajo consideró que debas de tener en cuenta que es un trabajo duro a cambio de muy pocas cosas. Andrew es una buena persona que te ayudará en lo que necesites. Recomiendo que tengas clara las condiciones.

12 months ago

Andrew replied

Thanks so much Vanina for all your help. Welcome back again ANY time.

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