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Made by travelers for travelers, we are the coolest chain of the hostels in Lisbon. We have the best location in town, very nice rooms and activities, as well as facilities. Join our team and get to know Lisbon as a local!

Even though this place will be temporary for you, your contribution is still important for us. We expect the same professionalism of any of our permanent staff member and a good vibe towards our guests. If you see yourself following this instructions: Welcome to the team, I am sure we will have a lot of fun!

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United Kingdom


I walked into this not really knowing what to expect, being my first ever volunteer experience I applied to, I am so pleased this place became my first experience.
The work I received altered between Breakfast, Housekeeping and Reception Shifts, I was trained well before I was left on my own and for the majority the work was so easy and manageable. I stayed in Sunset Destination Hostel which every place was in easy access to.
As for Lisbon, it's an unmissable city and I can't wait to visit again, would absolutely recommend. I met the most amazing people, especially the ones I worked with

11 days ago



I really enjoyed and loved the time i spent here volunteering! I love everyone of the workers here they are so kind, funny and they give u the family feeling. Lisbon Destination Hostel is on the Top 1 of Hostels where i volunteered. I can highly recommend you to stay with them and volunteer to get your own experience! ❤️✨

about 1 month ago



Everybody was so nice and welcoming and helpful, I’ve had such a good time during my stay. I really recommend it, nice hours so you get a lot of time to explore Lisbon

about 1 month ago

United States


I planned to stay for one month and ended up staying an extra 2 weeks because I had such a great time! The tasks are fair and simple: breakfast shift, making beds, and reception. The hours are respected and there is lots of free time to explore Lisbon. All the staff members are very friendly and it is also easy to make friends with guests or other volunteers because there are many social events. This was one of my favorite volunteering experiences I have done and I definitely recommend it!! :)

about 2 months ago



This was my first Worldpackers experience and I had both an amazing and also a slightly challenging time at Lisbon destination. The scheduling is a little strange and confusing, and some weeks more might be expected of you than another. The beds shifts are a hard cardio session but there is now a set amount of beds volunteers are assigned so that does make it less daunting. I did meet amazing people during my time here and the hostel does have a very cozy vibe. If you come with a lot of knowledge of what will be expected of you I think you’ll have a great time:)

3 months ago

Destination replied

Thank you for your feedback, Brooklynn :)
In your case, the amount of hours each week were always the same, but it is true that there are some tasks that require more effort than the others (for ex, making beds requires a bit more that doing reception), and that is exactly why the tasks rotate between volunteers.
Anyways, feel free to come back anytime in the future :)

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