Dhutanga PunyaPanya (Insight Meditation Center)

Here you'll have the chance to develop yourself through the means of meditation, to live and experience directly Thai culture and to learn about Buddhism in Thailand !

If you're really interested in learning about meditation, the philosophy of Buddhism and the Monks' lifestyle you are welcome but, if you are just looking for free food and accommodation it's not a place for you. It is important that you inform yourself about Thai culture and Buddhism in advance.

We frequently have knowledgeable members of the community come to teach volunteers about different aspects of Thai culture. For example, paper leaf kites, music, and how to make traditional food and desserts. But most of the time its a calm place where you can take time for yourself and exchange with others.

After spending 49 years in the USA, I decided to go back to my homeland, Thailand, and do something for my people! On the land that once belonged to my family, I created a little island of peace where Bikkhus, Bikkhunis and foreigners live and work together! Here you'll have the chance to have an exclusive insight in the Thai culture and the lifestyle of the monks.

I, a female Monk (Bikkhuni), live here with 12 dogs. The island of peace is composed from a garden that stretches between a river and a little lake, Kutis (hut) with ensuite, a dorm and individuals rooms, one meditation hall and one open-air kitchen. But large scale improvements are happening constantly.

Everyday you'll be able to enjoy the sunrise over the lake and the sunset over the river, you'll have the chance to meditate and learn about the Dhamma, to experience Thai culture and food and to cultivate peace and self-development as well as living in a worldwide community . In exchange you'll be helping a few hours a day with the garden, the dogs and the different tasks in the surroundings. Just help wherever help is needed as well as other various chores and community outreach programs. The days are busy as there is always something to adjust but there is much opportunity to learn and rest !

Our daily meals are offered from the surrounding community (Bintabat) and should be enough to fulfill you as much as you need (unless you're an ogre then you may need to go to the supermarket). You can also find restaurants and shops in walking distance. It is also possible to store your own goods if you wish

THIS PLACE IS NOT VEGAN AND CANNOT GUARANTEE VEGETARIAN FOOD ALL THE TIME -as it is all from donation, we don't chose what is given-

If you want to know more, follow us on instagram: @dhutangamc

Here, we have Thai people helping with the work in the center and planning your activities. Beam Beam is the main contact person. You can teach them English (and more !) and talk about your country as they are really friendly! READ CAREFULLY : Your travel must be vaccinated, finish 2 doses, and have a vaccine passport or vaccine certificate to guarantee that you arrived properly We will be accepting volunteers from 2022 onwards. If you are interested, you can Read our agreement and book an upcoming date. we’re welcome you. thank you "WELCOME TO DHUTANGA INSIGHT MEDITATION CENTER"🥰 We welcome all volunteers. Those who want to learn about the Buddhist way of life, meditation, use life forms to train the mind to calm, stories about Buddhism and want to be volunteers in our place. First of all, you may want to consider the information below before you decide to volunteer with us. ** You must be here for at least 10-14 days and have to keep silent at least 2-3 days (for learning of meditation or vipassana). ** You will have 1 day off for every 2 weeks. You can go out to travel to Bangkok or somewhere else (6:00 am and return before 5pm). ** Chanting/Prayer/Meditation Morning chanting and meditation starts after morning work and breakfast which starts around 6:00 am Evening chanting and meditation starts at 6:30 pm ** The work you need to do Day starts at 6:00 a.m. or earlier depending on what needs to be done. Much of the work is cleaning, gardening, upkeep of the property, cook for and feed 15 dogs and lots of fish and help with other chores in the center (when necessary). You will have a break between 12:30-4 PM every day. You can rest, meditate or go into town (at your own cost). ** Please note, if you are afraid of dogs, this place may not be for you. Our dogs walk freely around the property and they each have distinctive personalities. They are part of our family. **On the day you come in we will give you an overview of the schedule, the work that needs to be done at the rules of the Center. You must respect the rules of the Center. If you violate the rules, we will ask you to leave immediately. ** On the day you arrive you must pay the donation in full, more fully described below. There will be no refunds if you decide to leave before your scheduled departure date. ** Please bring: - Clothes that cover your shoulders and knees (Avoid tight clothing: legging) - towel - water bottles (if any) - Your toiletries - mosquito repellent or mosquito repellent spray. ** We have food for you for 2 meals. (Breakfast and lunch). On occasion we may have snacks in the evening. There are several small convenience stores nearby and you are welcomed to buy snacks at your own costs. ** we have a coin automatic washing machine * - If you want to wash clothes, the costs is 40 baht per wash load. ** We have lockers for save your valuables. There is a 100 baht key deposit which will be refunded to you upon your departure. ** DONATION: There is a required Donation of 200 baht/day. The purpose of the donation is to cover essential expenses of the Center such as utilities (electricity and water), upkeep and maintenance of our beautiful location, drinking water, 2 meals a day (breakfast, lunch) and bedroom/bungalow maintenance. There is a one time payment of 150 baht for bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases and blankets for your stay. (Example: if you are staying 10 days, the total cost would be 2,150 baht) We request that you arrive at the Center between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm.


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The female monks were great, and I enjoyed the time I stayed at the Buddhist Center. It was really nice to get to know their religious and cultural beliefs and habits. Although I think that you don't have as much free time as in most other volunteering places. And only two monks talk English, so I didn't learn as much as I imagined. But all in all it was a great experience and I'd do it again. Thank you so much 😀

6 days ago



This place will have a special place in my heart. The atmosphere of the Center is amazing, you can see they love the place - the monks are a joy to be around, learn from them, even with the language barrier. The work can be tiring sometimes but mostly when the task in under the sun; they have fans everywhere and air conditioning in the closed rooms which was a must to the resting times. But it’s truly rewarding with all the knowledge you get from them. It was an amazing 1st volunteer experience, great to learn about being present and enjoy what you have and the nature we all come from ✨

17 days ago

Punya replied

Thank you very much for being a part of us. We love you and wish you good luck every day. If you have the opportunity, please come back to your second home again. I didn't hug you goodbye. But I'm glad to meet you, Beam.



I’ve spend 10 amazing days at the Insight Center, the monks, Beam and all the people there were so nice, caring and happy to teach you things about meditation, buddhism, vipassana… The work can be a bit physical because of the heat but it is fine ! The food is good, you can try a lot of new things and the dogs make everything even more great. It was my 1rst volunteering and I would a 100% recommend it !!

18 days ago

Punya replied

Thank you so much for being a part of us. We love you and wish you good luck every day. If there is a chance, please come back to our second home again.

New Zealand


My experience and Insight Meditation centre was incredibly special. It truely did feel like coming home. Everyone was so incredibly welcoming and accommodating. The jobs were very enjoyable, being out in nature, there own meditation practice themselves. I am very grateful and honoured to have been welcomed into such a sacred space and have learnt so much in my time here. Thank you!!

about 1 month ago

Punya replied

Thank you for your time Emma. We are happy to welcome volunteers like you. You are a lovely person, hospitable, and help with every task to the utmost. Thank you very much. May you have good luck.



Achei uma experiência que vale muito a pena ser vivida, com certeza aprendi muito, dá pra perceber como o budismo é parte fundamental da cultura tailandesa.
Tem que ir consciente de que o trabalho pode ser pesado às vezes e que a rotina é muito bem definida, tem pouca flexibilidade.
Quanto mais interesse você demostrar, mais vão ensinar.

about 2 months ago

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