Dingup House Bed and Breakfast

As a traveller you will experience country living in Australia, and you will have the opportunity to meet many different farmers and growers in this area. You will enjoy old Australian charm and history .

You will be greeted by Philip and Lady Lola (our pup) and myself. We will welcome you as family ! You will be made feel comfortable and at home !


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Chris is a very experienced woman who is working hard! She supported us during our stay and was understanding when i made mistakes in e.g. housekeeping. You can surely learn a lot and have fun but you also need to be flexible!

about 1 month ago



We felt welcomed from the day we arrived. Although there were some issues with arrival/departure dates, we tried to stay flexible and support Chris in her decisions. In the end, everything worked out well.
We were lucky to get the chance to visit the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival and met some chefs who stayed at Chris' BnB. During our stay we got in touch with many different kind of guests and could practice our English. We enjoyed socializing and getting to know the Australian culture through exchange with guests who stayed there.
Chris is doing her job with love and passion!

about 2 months ago



Chris and Shane made me feel welcome the day I arrived.
The work varies everyday a little bit and you get a lot of free time to take some time for yourself and explore around.
They took me to see all different amazing places and meet a lot of people.
For me it was my first time traveling overseas and I could not have started my travels in a better place😊
They are my Aussie family now and I will 100% be back!

5 months ago



I do not have enough words to say thank you to Chris and Shane! They have been amazing with me. They made me feel at home and welcome as soon as I arrived. The place is simply beautiful, with a wonderful and colorful garden and so much space, where you can walk or relax. Chris and Shane are great cooker and prepared for me many delicious meals.
This experience is perfect for who wants to relax, know the Australian culture and meet guests from all over the world, with whom sharing special moments at the bnb. The jobs are very easy to learn. I definitely recommend this experience!

7 months ago

United States


Chris is a fantastic host and I would highly recommend her! She quickly made me feel welcomed and safe. Dingup House is also a beautiful place to stay and volunteer. It is the perfect place to get away from the busy city life and surround yourself with nature. Although I stayed a short time, Chris still made the effort to take me on short road trips to explore the southwest of Australia. You definitely won't go hungry here :D. Chris is also an amazing cook and if you want to improve your cooking skills, eat all kinds of foods, and taste some red wine, then this is the perfect place for you.

11 months ago

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