Doctors Organic Farm

Doctor’s Organic Farm is Located at the Scenic Western Ghats of Maharashtra
(Ratnagiri). Western Ghats is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the eight hotspots of Bio-diversity in the World.

A Family owned Startup venture focused on Organic farming. The farm is developed on the principles of Permaculture. Permaculture is a re-generative design based on the patterns observed in natural ecosystems. It is based on the philosophy of working with Nature, utilizing plants & animals in their natural functions.


At Doctors Organic Farm we would like to Contribute towards the conservation of the Western Ghats by the adopting a Tree campaign.

It is estimated that the Western Ghats has lost over 20,000 hectares of its area over the past 17years because of Deforestation. Such massive deforestation has a long lasting impact on the environment and the flora and fauna

Trees are one of the longest living organisms on our planet. Living through centuries, trees are the root of life on our planet. Trees provide medicines, help hold water and soil, sequester carbon, fight pollution, and are home to a variety of Birds and organisms.

You would contribute towards the conservation project when you live with us.

Volunteers will be treated as family and would form a part of the daily farm life. They will live in the same house as the owner, with a private room for themselves.

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