Dogs Mountain Sanctuary

This Program to bring to life give Hope and Love to many animals i need. The sanctuary is spread over a wooded and well tendered acreage, providing a safe haven for these saved dogs who are daily, being constantly monitored for good health and well being as to giving them all, what they so desperately need: Love and affection. After all the heartache they have been through, all they need is to feel safe and secure and to be loved by us and the volunteers. The goal is to ensure the health and safety of all the animals at the sanctuary and the most important aspect of all is to provide enrichment to both the volunteer and the animals. Come join us in enabling them to live out their days in peaceful comfort. As a volunteer on this Project you will help provide care for the dogs and cats here. Many of those rescued from the dog meat trade have been sick and starved and in need of medical care. Damaged bones and in addition to their routine care and maintenance . They need desexing, deworming, inoculations etc, all volunteers will provide hands-on care for the animals at this sanctuary. We need your participation to achieve these goals. About this Program: This 2 weeks programme offers an incredible unique experience for Veterinary Care and Animal Care who work with a animal rescued and learn through infeild hands-on experience. Enjoy a unique experience working with animals, where you will assit us in making their lives at the sanctuary, the best they can be. This project is an unforgettable experience in companionship to Man’s best friends. From working with these grateful animals like veterinary care and Dog care you will have ample opportunity to participate in all aspects of sanctuary care also. There is always work to be done on-site, it's a great opportunity to experience our Filipino culture and volunteering in a meaningful experience while working with rescued animals who can benefit most from your empathy. WHO’S IT FOR? • Animal lovers • Vets (including new grads) • Vet Nurses • Students Whether you are on the gap year from your education, or on a career break, or as part of your extended holiday. The project welcomes everyone regardless of experience, we have a place for you! This program will provide you with a unique insight into what it’s like to work outside of western countries where shelter luxuries and clinic are often sparse. Are you up to the challenge? While working, with these grateful animals, you will have ample opportunity in Veterinary Care and Dog Care . Volunteer role: Volunteers will help by providing empathic care for these animals many of these animals are rescued from the dog meat butchers trade and , are suffering from the traumatic experiencing conditions resulting in sickness so they need additional routine care. Be in need of some extra tender loving care! All volunteers will provide hands-on care, and assisting. Veterinary student /s may be able assist the veterinarian. As a volunteer on this project, you will split your time between ongoing day to day maintenance projects and medical care, and hands-on care for the animals at the sanctuary. As volunteers you will be assisting the sanctuary staff in the daily duties to fulfil the various needs of both animals and the sanctuary. In addition to health care, preparing food and distribution for the dogs and cats, you will be responsible for cooking their meals. Other tasks include “Animal Life Improvements” work at the sanctuary. Cleaning of the dogs enclosures and bathing, grooming, washing blankets, washing bowls are other tasks you will help this sanctuary with during your stay. Your volunteering contribution will help this sanctuary to operate smoothly in addition to your direct positive impact on these rescued animals. Age: 18 years old above Location: Naguilian, La uion Philippines Volunteer Program Type: Animal Care and Veterinary Assistance Care, General maintenance and cleaning around the sanctuary. Number of Volunteer: 10 volunteers’ participants for 2 weeks session Program Duration: Minimum of 2 week to Maximum 4 weeks but depends on the availability of placement program. Program for an individual or a group: Individual or Group Airport Arrival: We recommend you fly into Clark International Airport (CLRK) If you would like a taste of this pioneering animal welfare work in this fascianting country , visiting local markets, the mountain city of Baguio , San Juan for any surfers, Vigan city, and more - you will find life in the Philippines colourful and vibrant, with amazing sights and friendly people. A stay at Dogs Mountain will offer an uforgettable feel-good adventure, and a chance to experience the real Philippines, enjoy the welcoming friendly atmosphere at our sanctuary, whilist helping support this inspiring sanctuary venture. Feel free to drop me an message for more information about our Volunteer Opportunities Program. Looking Forward to meeting many of you!

Dogs Mountain Sanctuary Philippines is a non-profit organisation and privately funded, not for profit, independent dogs home. Established in 2006, by UK artist John Hughes, the loyal staff at the sanctuary cared over hundred dogs and 14 cats from the streets , and the cruel dog meat trade. We wishes to share these passion to the world through this platform and we hope inspire to every one. Volunteers from many countries have already visited Dogs Mountain. we treated them not just a volunteer they feel as Family......

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