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O lugar tem seus encantos e uma casa com mais de 400 anos, grandes histórias por lá se passaram, a cidade não tem supermercado nem farmácia. a cidade mais próxima e 5 km você tem que ir de bicicleta. O trabalho é árduo cuidando dos animais e limpando. Era para eu ficar um mês por motivos pessoais, ficamos 2 semanas. O horário de trabalho e os dias de folga nem sempre foram os descritos na plataforma.

5 days ago



Purcy is an awesome place where you can meet wonderful people. The place is quiet and peaceful, perfect for disconnecting from the rest of the world.
I think that hard work helped me understanding what I am really able to do and made me feel good both physically that mentally.
Paul is an awesome man, always ready to do anything for his animals and teach you something new.
I hope to be able to come back to this wonderful place soon!

3 months ago



My days in Purcy were fantastic…
It was my first experience as a worldpacker and it couldn’t be better!
Hard work in the farm made me increased as a person and I learned so many things about horses and life.
The sunsets, the cats, the dogs, the chickens, the horses… it’s amazing to live in a place like that.
Paul is an incredible man, we already have a very good relationship and he taught me many things about the farm and the animals.
I met a lot of nice people and I will miss very much the life in Purcy.
Thank you Paul for my time in Purcy.
I will come back!

4 months ago



If you like horses, dogs, nature, and hard working is not a problem to you, Purcy can be your place! Paul has a lot of lovely horses and dogs that need to be taken care and every help is useful.
I've learned a lot about horses, I've improved my English level and I've been able to disconnect from the routine outside Purcy. Besides, Purcy is a beautiful and natural place to live.
If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me! I'll be very pleased to help!

9 months ago