Domaine du golf country club de Bigorre

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To say that I had an amazing time at the golf would be an understatement. Every morning I was able to wake up to a gorgeous view of the mountains, go to work and would have the evenings free. Richard and Joanna truly added to my experience with their generosity and were able to suggest places to visit during my free time. The work consisted of cleaning and ensuring the rooms were suitable for guests to arrive etc. and sometimes help in the restaurant if needed. My level of french was not that great but it didn’t hold me back from being able to communicate with the people that worked there.

about 1 month ago



I was at the Golf for a month and I really enjoyed my stay. Richard and Joanna were great hosts. I was provided with everything I needed. We went to the supermarket to buy groceries and I got food from the chefs on workdays. It is helpful to have a drivers license as the golf is on a hill and not reachable through busses. I was always allowed to take the car and go on trips. For me personally it was hard to talk to the girls I was working with. So it would be good to speak Spanish or French. The Wi-Fi in my room wasn’t the best but I was always welcomed at the Clubhouse.
Thanks again!

2 months ago

United States


I spent one month at the golf and it was absolutely amazing. I was doing housekeeping and the work was easy to learn. I worked in the mornings and sometimes after lunch and got the afternoons free. I had my own apartment with the most beautiful view of the mountains. Everyone was so nice and I felt super welcome here. I didn’t speak any French but it wasn’t an issue and I communicated with others in English or Spanish. Richard and Jo made sure I always taken care of. They had lots of ideas and recommendations for places to go and things to do in my free time. Thank you guys so much!!!

3 months ago



I had a great experience in the golf hotel. It's hardworking and you do a polyvalent job like cleaning and working in the kitchen or in the restaurant. You have a great flat on your own and nice food. I was able to practice my English and French. I was really welcomed. Thank you Jo and Richard for the amazing experience. Thank you to all the crew which supported and helped me a lot. A special thank you for my Brazilian friends Marcia and Mel for supporting and taking care of me ❤️.

4 months ago



Hello, future volunteers I’ll share you my experience if you want to consider this as your option 🫶

✅ The people you meet there are lovely, and you will make great friends.
✅ The hosting facilities are very good and comfortable.
✅ You will have a personal grow experience, that will help you manage different situations and learn about emotional intelligence in other people.

Some advise to avoid miscommunications:
⚠️ Make sure they check your profile and read your cover letter!!
⚠️ Be clear from the begging about what’s included and your role.

I’m grateful for this experience, thanks R&J!

4 months ago