Don Preguiça Hostel

Because we are a small hostel in a unbeliveble place. We have guests all the year and all around the world. Van you imagine live in a small beach village on the amazon rainforest and far of the ocean?

In our Hostel the staff is composed by the owners and a girl who helps us to clean. The volunteers can expect to be treated like family as our guests feel here.


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Além de Alter do Chão ser um lugar lindo demais foi incrível poder ficar no Don Preguiça fazendo o voluntariado. Pessoal tranquilo, tarefas tranquilas...
Gostei muito da experiência!

7 months ago


Foi uma grande experiência o WorkExchange no Don Preguiça Hostel ,Recomendo a todos fazer um WorkExchange no Don Preguiça!

about 1 year ago


Será a sua casa em alter do chão, ambiente família e todos muito queridos e simpáticos! Nao me falta elogios para o Don Preguiça, e para o local também!

over 1 year ago


It was an amazing experience, I've really loved the time i spent in Dom Preguiça Hostel. The owners, André and Guilherme, are great, I became part of the family and enjoied not just the working time but my free time as well, the hostel organize boat tours in the nature and the place is wonderful. I would go back now!

over 1 year ago


Don Preguiça is a nice place to stay. All the crew members are very easy-going and helpful, and will be glad to help you with anything you need - be it about your duties as a volunteer or about things you can do in Alter do Chão. André, one of the founders, is a very smart and calm guy, and he makes it even more pleasant to stay in Alter. He even took me and other guests to hang out in his Kombi and visit places nearby the hostel. We had one barbecue and a few happy hours as well, which was very fun. Great experience!

about 2 years ago

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