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Located on one of the undoubtedly most beautiful islands in the world. We believe in one thing and that's island time and island life. So whether you are looking to relax & chill out or to party & create some unforgettable experiences, Korcula and Dragan's Den hostel is the place for you! Come have fun, relax & experience the true Croatian island lifestyle. Pssst. Dragan's Den Hostel II is located near Plitvice Lakes!

I am Dragan, manager of the DD hostels. I am the one who will lead you. You will have a bed with other guests in the dorm. Jobs are cleaning. maybe office or pub crawl leader. No meal for this job.


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The hostel is cool: clean, shared areas very confortable, lots of space to chill and enjoy the sun.
The activities are quite easy, the hours/shift are followed as agreed before.
I had much autonomy to work and give suggestions - I loved it!!
Dragan is a nice guy: always around if needed and open to listen. And his mother a very kind woman!!!!
Korcula is incredible: beaches, bays, mountains. Lots of to do there!!!!!
PS: I was there in the beggining of the season, so it wasn't crowded.

about 1 month ago

Dragan replied

I am hostel manager for more than 10 years and I deeply recommend Renata. Best regards, Dragan


It was my first experience of volunteering, good team, learned a lot of work in a hostel, met many people and I visited Plitvice National Park, the hostel is clean and tidy, comfortable room and the village very quiet, perfect for resting. Thanks, Dragan.

10 months ago


Dragan is an incredible person with a lot of patience who teaches you, helps and advises you in all aspects ... my time during the program was incredible, I will definitely be back!

12 months ago

Dragan replied

I am hostel manager for more than 10 years and I deeply recommend Alberto. Best regards, Dragan

United States

Josh and I were accepted to Dragans hostel with the understanding that we would be creating a video for Dragan in return for room and board.
I would suggest doing this work stay during the spring and summer if you want to experience Croatian island life. It seems after October 1st many of the main Island attractions and ferries close for the winter.
Korcula is a stunning Island and we are so grateful we got to experience its beauty.
Dragan is juggling many projects and seems to always be busy doing something. FYI The hostel is not in the city center. You can take a bus or walk 15-20min

over 1 year ago

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