Dream Big Cambodia

Your help in teaching at the rural area is appreciated by everyone from the local community and by the children because it offers a better opportunities for their future.

Dream big is a non-profit NGO that aims to provide children of rural Cambodia with a better opportunity in life, by offering them free English lessons that help improve their skills in a safe and sound environment. Dream big was founded by Puthy Nov in November 2015, after he joined forces with seven volunteers from all around the world who helped him start the amazing project he had always envisioned. The English classes supplied by Dream big are very much appreciated by the local community and the children themselves, because they have proven to be a very good alternative and an excellent supplement to the English classes the kids already receive in the public school. Those are often taught by poorly-skilled local English teachers, so the lessons offered by international English speaking volunteers from Dream big become the best chance for students to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary. Since July 2016 Dream Big has been working very closely with Cristina Solé, a former volunteer who has kept her commitment ever since, even after she finalized her volunteering term and went back home. Working from the distance but also visiting occasionally, her main role is to coordinate and manage the whole volunteering admission process, dealing with new applicants and offering them guidance throughout their experience within the organization. Set up in this way, with Cristina planning ahead and taking care of tasks that require a wider scope, the project can focus on the daily routine and attend more effectively the activities that sit at the core of the project.

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