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Hello happy folks!Welcome to our site!!! As you know travel industry is in very difficult, challenging moment, we all need new begginings and better normal. Lets say this is time for enthusiasts, people with passion and good skills for imrovisation. Citizents of Dubrovnik allready went through very hard (war) times only few decades ago, so we learned how with optimistic approach and hard motivation everything can recover, it takes time, but its challenging also. You can learn with us, we are nature lovers, your host and coworker is ethno botanist and herbalist. We will teach you some skills of survival. We get water from spring to drink.

We are family project, We kept very minimalist number of beds, but we are moving to connect with our organic mini farm-garden and small stay in Dubrovnik hills, still half hour away by direct bus from old town, and 15 minutes downhill to sea. So now beside very basic little work in keeping hostel alive, our plan is to set up everything at other place. We want to restore it to make it possible for mini farmstay, and grow all healthy veggies for our hostel and volunteers. All kind of skills connected to handyman ( carpentry, painting), gardening, decorating, art are welcomed but not necessary as we can learn together ! We treat everyone with big respect and flexibility. Person who will work with you to introduce you into all was for month volunteer and coordinator of helpers in Germany and Latin America himself. "no rush" is our motto. We can do tomorrow what we dont finish today. Our work adopts with situation with weather conditions. We are in constant touch to communicate to feel you and your personal needs and very flexible. Length of stay is easily agreed, mostly we extend it week by week, but everyone is free to move on earlier as plans of all of us are changing of course. Have a good experience with us! Ive


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Definitely, I loved it my experience in here because I could, met to local culture, food, family and people. Ivi and his family are a lovely, Milka is an amazing Chef.

The tasks were easy and simple, the house have a great location you can enjoy the nature, beaches and wonderful sunsets. Now they have different projects to become the place, to more local and environmental artistic house-hostel. Please if you want only the place, this is a not party place, It is future the responsibility tourism with impact and mean.

Thank u so much for all. Volveremos a vernos.

3 months ago



I had a great time at the Backpackers Club! The host Ive and his family are really welcoming, they took me and other volunteers on tours around, invited us to their family dinner table (thanks for all the great meals Milka!), and were always willing to adapt to whatever came our way.
It's probably the cleanest and most organized hostel I have ever been to, very well equipped and great location too!
Overall, really recommend it, Dubrovnik was a great city to experience :)

4 months ago

Ive replied

Lucas was great volunteer, and greatest artist ever stayed with us. His extraordinary art works are just impressive and remind us on him. Calm and positive attitude was a bonus. His creativity is such a gift, and he works with patience and great commitment with every task, no matter is it garden or hostel area, he made you feel you can rely on him.
Totally recommend him and wish him success with his talent, as he deserve!!!



Perkovic Family is just amazing! I spend such a nice time discovering Dubrovnik with them. I was doing some cleaning tasks during the morning and I usually had the noons and one day of the week free. I also helped them with the sustainable garden, where they grow their own food, and this is the most important part because Milka cooks the best food ever, very green, healthy, and love-made. I miss them all, Milka's mom-caring love, Ive's nature walks, Matilda's conversations, Nikola's music, Josip's GOT spots, Dobri's humor and Djodjo. It was an amazing experience that I hope to repeat soon.

7 months ago

Ive replied

Alejandra with her openness, positivity and entusiasm was a perfect person one can think on as a great helper and good personality! Thanks for participating in our project with bringing life back through tasks in our own garden, green food, herbs and suistanable concept. It makes everetyhing easy and fun when having someone like Alejandra around!
Welcome back always!!! Perkovic family with Djodjo ;-)



It really was a very good experience to work in this Hostel. Ive is very attentive and worried that you feel comfortable at all times. I was doing some painting and cleaning tasks with him and it was all very calm and productive at the same time. The Hostel is run by a family and the parents are adorable, I really miss Milka, the mother, who cooked the best food I have eaten in my whole trip. She really makes you feel at home as if she were your own mother taking care of you and cooking delicious dishes day by day. Milka, Dobri, Ive, Josip, Niko and Djodjo !! All the best for you!!!

about 3 years ago



Somente recomendo esse lugar para homens, caso queira saber mais envie-me uma mensagem privada.

about 4 years ago

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