Dupa Gard - the Permaculture homestead in the Carpathian Mountains

We are a family run project, dedicated to the principals of ecoculture, permaculture and believe in the power of a strong, local community. In order to share our ideas and ideals with the world, we invite tourists to our homestead, to give them the opportunity to experience a long forgotten, sustainable way of living - that might be the blueprint for a better future. If you feel the energy in you to support us, and have some skills in the relevant area, we hope to make our project more known to the world and make it a better place in the long run.

Ioana, over 20 years already, has one big dream: to help her mothers village preserve its unique lifestyle, traditions and nature for future generations. For this she directed several small documentaries about local traditions, invited volunteer groups and supported the local artisans. Then she met Andreas in 2015, they had a child, and the project gained some new inspiration. Since then we managed to set up our small, self sustaining homestead with permaculture garden, as well as a connected eco-tourism ground. We are very excited to let other people experience our lifestyle, and hope you will also like it. Actually, we are pretty sure you will :)

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Andreas, Ioana, and Dhalia were amazing hosts! Always made sure everything was okay. Work hours are as discussed, five hours a day and they are very mindful of your well-being so we took breaks during the hottest hours so that we’re not in the sun all day. The food was delicious, especially when they cooked something for lunch, using vegetables from their own garden. The season I was there (late July-early Aug) called for a lot of weeding and harvesting fruits and veggies. I got to meet a lot of people in the village and see how they live! And the surrounding mountains are beautiful!

about 2 months ago



I enjoyed this experience more than I expected at first. I felt very welcomed and taken care of, just like a family haha. And was able to openly express myself, especially as an artist due to working with Ioana and Andreas in designing signs and maps for the place. The trips and hikes we took were also very beautiful. With gorgeous views. As well as the events held, I was able to meet amazing people all over the world. With the food being so good. I think it’s also worth mentioning I’m Romanian, and that this experience immersed me even deeper in my roots. I really recommend this place!

2 months ago



I had the best time volunteering in Dupa Gard. It completely exceeded my expectations in a lot of levels. For starters, the treatment I received from the hosts Andreas and Ioana was really good, they really made me feel welcome and as a part of their family. The nature is very beautiful and the view overall is amazing, you really feel in a very special place. Work-wise, most of the things I did where outdoors, helping with various permaculture related chores, and I learnt a lot from the experience I had here. I strongly recommend this place, and I feel very grateful for everything.

2 months ago



Andreas, Ioana and Dhalia are incredible, welcoming hosts who consider your needs and want to make the best out of your experience. Their passion for permaculture is really contagious and I could learn so much about Romanian culture from them - truly grateful for that :) One of the highlights for me was visiting a beautiful nearby Hungarian village and a local farmer's and animal market, but the whole area itself is just stunning! Especially If you'll be involved in hay work like I was, I recommend bringing long working clothes that don't mind getting stains & be prepared for ticks! ;)

3 months ago



I had an amazing experience at Dupa Gard! Andreas, Ioana, and Dhalia are great hosts! They make you feel very welcome, the food was always delicious, and they go out of their way to show you around the area. The campsite is really comfortable and the surrounding area is just beautiful. The work is straightforward and nothing too challenging and they always check with you to make sure everything’s okay.

4 months ago

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