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This is a Government Program and this is completely FREE. My mother is a Social Worker and I am a Family Welfare Officer. My mother manages 49 Day Care Centers and each center have 60 children. No pressure since we enculcate Learning through Play to these children. Accommodation? > There are two rooms (1 Airconditioned, 1 Non-aircon) can accomodate 2 volunteers each room > FREE but we encourage the volunteers to SAVE electricity and water especially when they are not using it >WiFi is also available >15 Minute walk to the school Food? > FREE but we also encourage the volunteers to embrace the Filipino Culture "Just get the food that is able to consume" Photos?? > I will be your photographer during your travel and volunteer experience (kindly see attached photos) As a simple gratitude from a Filipino like me that Philippines is considered as one of the megadiverse countries. I am willing to tour a worldpacker if he/she desires to visit these majestic tourist attractions 1. Tagbibinta Falls (Maragusan, Compostela Valley) 2. Twin Rafflesia Falls (Maragusan, Compostela Valley) 3. Rafflesia Flower (Maragusan, Compostela Valley) 4. Dahican White Sand Beach (Mati City) 5. San Victor Island (Baganga, Davao Oriental) 6. Balite Cold Spring (Baganga, Davao Oriente 7. Aliwagwag Falls "Most number of waterfall staircases in the country" ( Cateel, Davao Oriental) 8. Tinuy-an Falls "Widest Waterfalls in the Philippines (Bislig, Surigao del Sur) 9. Enchanted River (Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur) 10. Britannia Group of Islands Hopping 11. Asik asik Falls (Alamada, North Cotabato 12. 7 Falls (Lake Sebu) 13. Awao Falls (Monkayo, Compostela Valley) 14. Maria Cristina Falls (Iligan City) 15. Mainit Hot Spring (Maco, Compostela Valley * Please Prepare 4,500 (85 US Dollars)- this is for YOUR OWN transportation fare, board and lodging, meals during Travel. **This is already cheap since we will commute public transportation to have a full experience the life of being a Filipino More to experience.... Skylab Motorcycle that can accommodate 8 passengers Riding at the top of the Jeepney Foods to look forward.... BALUT "The Most Exotic Food in the Country" and other street foods in Night Market. HALO-HALO "The Most Popular Filipino Dessert BINIGNIT "Hot Halo-halo"

My mother is a Registered Social Worker and a Master of Public Administration I am a Registered Nurse, Registered Biology Teacher, Registered Real Estate Broker, Master of Public Administration and Ph.D in Development Administration We treated volunteers as part of our family. How to get here? 1. Point of Origin ---> Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila)- the Capital of Philippines 2. Manila to Davao International Airport (domestic flight) *the flight cost is so cheap, only 35$ *Davao City is the SAFEST city in the country and considered one of the safest cities in the world *the cost of living is cheap, most of the people can understand basic english language * just let me know in advance so that I could pick you up in the airport. *accommodations and food are free when you are at home. 3. Davao to Nabunturan- 3 hours of bus travel. if you have concerns, please let me know through whatsapp and FB messenger +639178929877 Have a safe trip Bonee Jaye Besana Bagaipo

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Bayanihan is a Filipino word that has no translation to English and refers to the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal. And that’s what I’ve seen and learned in the past three weeks of "voluntourism". No matter where you look you will see them helping one another.
In the day cares, I've learned and had so much fun with extraordinary children who at 3 and 4 years old already know how to count, read, write in English as their second language. I could hardly imagine that going to the Philippines would make me meet the most receptive and loving people ever



My experience in the Philippines it has been so grateful. The family and the teachers treated us as a one more member of it’s community. And we have to say thank you above all to Bonee, that was the person who made this possible. Also he is an excellent person and a fantastic filipino ambassador.


Bonee Jaye replied

Thank you so much Laia for trusting me and my family.. I will never say goodbye, rather SEE YOU NEXT TIME...
Indeed, you are one of the best volunteers together with Marina..


Bonee and his family are exelent, they treated us as a one mor membre of their family! For me it has been the most wonderful experince in my life


Bonee Jaye replied

Thank you so much Marina that you enjoyed your stay here in the Philippines.. :-) you are such a wonderful person too... you are one of the best volunteers together with Laia.. :-)

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Volunteering was a nice experience at first. However they had a little boy in the honestay who would hit me, spit on me, and throw things at me, every Rhine he did this I would tell the host and they would laugh it off making excuses for him. It got so bad that my second to last day there the boy broke something valuable of mine. When I told the host they over reacted and wanted me to pay them for my time there and tried to throw me out at 11pm that night with nowhere to sleep. They made me feel very uncomfortable when that happened and I feared for my safety. They are unprofessional.


Bonee Jaye replied

I already reported this volunteer to the Worldpackers platform and i sent an Incidental Report.

This was the reply of Account-Host Manager ""Thank you very much for your email and for all the detailed information regarding what happened to those volunteers. It's really important to have your point of view regarding the situation, and that's why we feel it's so important to talk to you about it.
We're deeply sorry that these situations occurred to you and to your family, and we strongly disagree with any kind of aggressive, offensive or accusatory behaviour within the platform - from any user.""

I do not intend to write a negative comment regarding this volunteer because I do not want her to be embarrassed in this public platform.
You know your behavior Madam. GOD KNOWS what happened on that night .

Still, I am thankful for visiting my family. Do not worry about your ratings, it does not and will not affect me. BECAUSE OF YOU, I will never accept volunteers again.. This Worldpackers account is closed.. God bless

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