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Fun place to stay. Plenty of fun activities. This is off grid home, far from the city. Currently no running water. Camp showers, filtered water hauled from town. Never a dull moment unless you want it to be. It is where one get together with nature. Plenty of wilderness, hiking, biking, hot springs in area, mud holes, rock formations, etc. 38.726298,-105.946908 is location of house.

Just myself and dogs and whatever workers are there at any giving time. Fairly. You will get freedom to choose your jobs for have multiple ones going at all times.


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Kieth was very kind. If you think of going I just think it takes a certain type of person since it’s soo remote and far from a town and when I was there there wasn’t any running water. There is still water you would have to take a modified shower. The work was easy and I actually enjoyed doing it and Keith was super welcoming. I would just ask more questions about what it’s like before you go.

over 1 year ago

Keith replied

Ellie was a wonderful person to host. Sweet nice hard working person to help with the Earthship. Wish I had more like her coming up. Your always welcome back up. Hope to have running water for you if you come back. Safe travels. Keith

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