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I am shut down for the winter. Open again May 14, 2024 and go through to December 1st 2024. Easy going person just wanting to finish an eco Earthship home. With gardens, food forest, permaculture, Aquaponics, self sufficient, off grid community.

Have one dog that is a handful. Live and let live person. No staff. Varies on how people are up here at one time. Plenty of different experiences of work needed. From gardening to pouring concrete. cleaning, mosaic tiles, pavers, laboring, organizing, fixing, etc. Many activities abound in area mostly hiking.


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This experience is not for the weak! Something I wish I was made more aware of was that there is no running water. You go #1 outside and #2 in a bucket. You also have to shower out of a bucket. Something Keith nor any other volunteers I had messaged made clear which I found…odd. I really loved Keith as a host. He was a very great guy, who was welcoming and easy to get along with. The nature around the property was beautiful. His fur friend was lovely. The work was not very hard and as expected. I did not stay my whole time due to the water situation. so keep that in mind!

7 months ago

United States


Overall I had a great time. The hours were set ahead of time and pretty consistent and I was able to spend plenty of time exploring the surrounding area.

8 months ago

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