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Namaste my name is Gita (47), I live on our property for 3 years now with my daughter Dakini (12), a dog Rea (3) and two cats, for now. We sold the apartment in the center of town Split and moved here in the nature in the mountains. The greatest wish is to live day by day and do the best we can in order to create balanced life for us and other that come to us. We are vegetarian, and love gardening and creating permacultural gardens is one of the goals here in Janja Gora. We would like to be inspiration for others that think about living sustainable life in cooperation with Mother Earth.

We are situated in the valley in the mountain part of Croatia so collecting wood for the heating is very important activity. Since I live here with my daughter (12) I would apreciate people who love children and do not mind her wanting to talk, communicate and explore your world. We are open for clean people, entusiastic, who are not looking for party place, but a peacefull atmosfere to work and rest and grow as a individual. There is just a lot of work around the property and that is why I joined Worldpackers but main reason is exchange of ideas, knowhow, experience and international atmosphere. I hope you will come openhearted and that you will get what you are looking for here in Lika with us.


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My stay was absolutely amazing and Mojca and her daughter are welcoming and loving people. All my meals were included, as was the laundry. I've had a lot of fun and learned a lot about myself, handiwork and farming. I hope to come back some day ❤️

5 months ago

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