Eco Camping in Borsh Albania

You will love living with us on our stunning plot of land in Borsh. Around are so many things to do for nature lovers. Borsh is in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The ground beneath is exploding with fresh springwater and the land is rich all year round. There are so many stunning places to explore around the area. Just check it out on google. From our house, you can walk straight down to the unspoiled white sandy beach and through the village of lower Borsh. Cafes are still open in winter and you can socialise with locals. If you want, you can walk up and go hiking and explore caves, hidden bunkers and old ruins.

We are an Albanian international family living in idyllic Borsh. I work in tourism in the summer and in agriculture in the winter. I love to learn new languages and interact with people of different cultures. Volunteers will have their own heated room and indoor facilities like toilet and kitchen. During the winter our small beachside hotel free for you to use as your living quarters. On the days you stay with us, we will provide you with delicious home-cooked Albanian food that we will all eat together around the table. I also have great admiration for new and foreign ideas and ways of thinking that we can implement into our fantastic outdoor eco camping project.

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