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Looming Hostel is a hostel focused on green living and re/upcycling but also creativity - we are always a work in progress. Our ideal aim is to host people who love travelling and like socialising but want to keep their ecological footprint small. We constantly have some sort of environmental experiments going on. For example, at the moment we are trying out a system called aquaponic, as well as compost worms. We are a small, but lovely place and summers and winters are especially nice around here. You are very welcome to come and check us out! If you have never worked in the hostel business before, this could be your chance to try it. If you already have that experience then you know how pleasant and fun it can be. We do need help with cleaning and making the rooms but it is as important as chatting with the guests and making them feel welcomed here. Everything here is in constant change, we are rebuilding and rearranging things all the time, so sometimes we need help with building things, painting, gardening, redesigning, sewing and all great and crazy ideas how to improve the hostel are always welcome. But if you want to join us then you also have to take into account that everyday tasks can be repetitive. We also need help with our website or if you have creative ideas and like to write things, you could help us out in making posts to social media and organizing events - we have had concerts on the rooftop, movie nights with the staff and different workshops once in a while. If you consider applying to come and join our team please answer some questions for us: (and if you are suprised by some of them, then those are just for spam check, because we get a lot of spam request but we prefere volunteers who really like to some to join us not just any palce ): What colour are your eyes? :D What to you think how one day in the hostel as a volunteer looks like? What are your best skills? What is that one thing you absolutely don't like to do? When would you like to join us and for how long would you like to stay with us? Where are you travelling now and where are you planning to go next?

Looming Hostel has been in Tartu for 9 years and is operated by an NGO. All earnings would go back to the hostel for improvments. Our main goal is to inspire people to act more environmentally conscious. And we are trying to experiment with differnet 0-waste ideas. Our hostel family currently has 6 members (paid stuff), most of the them students in Tartu University or Estonian University of Life Sciences, and 2 founders. We divide all chores between us, so nothing gets too montonous. Everything that needs to be done gets done in a team. In addition, every member has some extra tasks to tackle that correspond best to their specific skills. Our environment is very friendly and warm, volunteers would be treated here as family members. NB: We mainly only read and answer worldpackers messages on Mondays!!!


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Work is good, pretty chill, stuff are sweet and kind. I’m kinda used to any accommodation, but here I have no door, no walls, no privacy, but it was okay, people in shared space was nice without any incidents. Eco-friendly and nice based place. Recommend to go 😌

10 months ago



First volunteer and I could expect more, all in the hostel was really nice, cozy and anti stress. It’s one of those places that refill your energy. The host amazing, staff also amazing. I could experience the Estonian culture and food hahaha. Good memories that will make me miss and come back to this place :)

over 2 years ago



I wish I stayed longer. I left with a happy tear in my heart remembering every single moment I had in Tartu. Not only in the hostel itself but in that cozy, lovely and charming city.

Sigrit and Helgor are warm and lovely hosts who welcomed me from the very first message and handshake. Helina, Katlin and Alvi are just amazing, sweat and wonderful staff.

Simple tasks, home-like atmosphere, outstanding decoration, lots of free time and thoughtful environment. Moreover, flexibility and common sense rule.

All in all, an outstanding experience. Thank you everyone! A big hug!


almost 3 years ago



Working there was such great experience, much better than I could ever imagine. Everything in the hostel go to me so inlove about it! If you have a chance to go to Tartu, I highly recommend you staying there, you won't regret! I worked there all the days so happy, staff was really nice and helpful, place is so cute and the recycling ideia is everywhere, everywhere!! Looming, thank you for opportunity and for sure, I will go back there again someday!

over 5 years ago



Amazing! This is the word defines my time in looming hostel. Everything is great! The owners, the workers, the guests and the hostel.
I'm sure I made the best choice like a volunteer for spending my vacation. I am so grateful for everything they provided. If you are looking for a nice city, to meet great people and have a great time, looming hostel is the best choice you can make.

almost 6 years ago

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