Eco Hostel Republik

First and only Eco hostel in Serbia, fully equipped with euro pallets furniture and old military ammo cases, helmets, etc... Using of renewable energy resources, following the green management idea. Lots of sports activities such as rock climbing, paragliding, biking, hiking and guided tours on most beautiful places in Western Serbia.


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I stayed here for one month and really enjoyed my experience. My main responsibilities involved cleaning and making beds. It was my first time working at a hostel and I learned new skills, and met and spoke with many interesting travelers. The work was not difficult and after several days became easier. I had lots of free time to explore the natural landscapes and features in and around Uzice, and made some friends in the town. Marko and Irena were friendly hosts who helped train me for the job, and helped with learning my way in and around the town. Thank you guys and wish you the best!

about 2 years ago

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