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I moved by myself one month ago to my new house and I want to start a hostel here. It´s a nice house just accessible by 20 min boat or 30 min tracking (none cars or buses around). Boats leaves each hour from Lagoa da Conceição bridge (from 6am to 11pm - so its not a place for you with you like to go out often). This house has 3 bedrooms and I want to build a kind of deck made by wood to enjoy the lake view. I have Wifi. I have 2 bedrooms available here. One has a comfortable double bed and the other one has just a double mattress. The bathroom is next door with hot shower. No couples and pet, sorry.

Hello!! My name is Alan, brazilian from SP, 36 yo, graduated in International Relations. Im into nature, spirituality, vegetarian food, music, good talks, movies and so on. This house has 3 bedrooms and I want to build a kind of deck made by wood to enjoy the lake view. I have 6 years of experience running hostel and I like to get along with people from abroad. We can track around, watch Netflix, play poker, meditate, yoga, have a beer or wine, cook together and have good conversation. You will be very well treated here, with respect, kindness and friendship. However is quite important you make your part respecting and making the tasks with responsability. I have two big dogs here but they are young and very friendly and will love to have more people to be licking! :) We can talk a lot about brazilian culture as I know about it. We are 1h away by track from a tradicional fisher village - Costa da Lagoa. You can get beautiful beaches by 20 minutes boat plus 20 minutes bus (or 30 min walk). Bars, markets, shops, pharmacies, banks, post office, restaurants are 20 minutes away from us by boat. The island is huge and pretty and you can go to different beaches, mountains, cultural centers in the downtown. We can plan in advance about your working time to allow you to have enough time to enjoy yourself.


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Infelizmente a experiência não ocorreu, pois o anfitrião teve "imprevistos".
Cumpri minha carga horária da semana e mais um pouco (da qual foi acordada fazer em dobro para aproveitar melhor a folga e proteger o serviço da chuva) mas nesse dia depois do trabalho mais difícil se feito o mesmo disse que teria que viajar e cancelou o voluntariado.
Também informar que o mesmo não tem experiencia no serviço que está fazendo e nem a competência nem o tato de ensinar. A necessidade do anfitrião é de um profissional em carpintaria e não um ajudante para aprender.

about 1 month ago

Alan replied

Sid, sim, o trabalho atual na reforma é intenso e é esperado mínimas capacidades dos voluntários. Apesar de seu esforço, tive que fazer o trabalho esperado de você. Faltou você mencionar que eu paguei 2 noites em um hostel para finalizar a semana de voluntariado, quando eu encerrei o voluntariado após você ter fumado maconha na frente da casa, rodeado de vizinhos, e ter me perguntado por cocaína, na noite anterior. Não usamos drogas aqui.

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