Eco Pousada Na Favela Babilonia

Just imagine living on top of the pacified favela, near Leme beach and with a view of Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana. Meanwhile, you help us take care of our Eco-Inn and Restaurant. Good energy in the middle of the nature of Rio de Janeiro

Estrelas Da Babilonia is an ecotourism project, we believe you can enjoy life without destroying our ecosystem. We take care and enjoy a space in the middle of the pacified favela and giving value to the communities of Rio de Janeiro. Here we receive travelers from anywhere who in the end always return home with a vision of Rio de Janeiro for real. We work with solar panels, recycle waste and make composting. What we most want is to make you feel at home, so you will have your shared bedroom and we offer everything for you to prepare your breakfast every day, even the rest days. In Babilonia you will meet people with a wide smile and who represent the joy of the Brazilian people.


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La posada es un lugar único e increíble, vivir en la favela babilonia es una experiencia única y que pocos pueden vivir. Lo único que mejoraría en este voluntariado, sería dejar los horarios de los días libres aclarados desde el principio y fechas de entrega, porque fue lo único que nos causó discusión, pero nada grave.


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