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This is your opportuniy to help co-create an eco-friendly retreat in a family house. Co-creating mandala gardens, prepare seeds and soil to new plants. We are going to have a introduction about mandala gardens with a orientator with some practice and teorical knowledge in October. So we will start with a Autumn mandala gardens, with other assertivness. It is time to give one more step in this way of living. Murals, like you can see in pictures, where made by family, friends and volunteers and future volunteers are very welcome to paint creative walls. Co-Criar is a timeless vision that as good roots to succeed. Making dreams come true is always good so we are receiving Henrique Bastos in October, a person that inspires good care with land and genuine friendship. You can see some co-creations of Eco Escola Henrique Bastos with vollunteers in some parts of Portugal and South America. in this link: Being part of is group of volunteers it is time to bting him tu us. so In 4 days you can enjoy co-creating with me and Henrique Bastos orientations about learning how to live a simple live out of the grid, just let us try feel the energy of land with love, sharing good feelings. As a volunteer you will also be involved in various other projects, that may include building small constructions, creating artistic murals and preparing vegetarian dishes with vegetables sourced fresh from the future garden. With my five-year-old daughter Violeta, our dogs Ori and Bali this is the perfect way to fully immerse yourself in the tranquility of a family friendly eco-refuge right within the heart of beautiful nature.

Olá, I´m Carla. I was born and live in Terceira, one of the nine islands of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. My vision is to co-create an eco refuge on the property where I live, right here in the heart of the islands. Terceira is a very special place, a unique paradise where the ocean meets land that was formed thousands of years ago through volcanic erruptions. The forests, the fields and the crystal clear sea are close to my heart. In 2014 I decided to leave my job to live a simple life in close communion with the land and the sea, and so this project began to rise. With the help of volunteers this vision is flourishing into a beautiful reality. I live on a rented property with a long stretch of unused land, partially woodland, nestled between the hills and sea. Aware of the potential of this space, my dream is to transform it into an eco-refuge with a flourishing permaculture garden, a mandala garden, fire pit and meditation space. This is a return to the simple life, living in accordance with nature´s rhythms and ethical, sustainable practices. In addition to being an eco-refuge, the space is also family orientated as I live with my five-year-old daughter and 2 dogs. It is a young, vibrant, creative, social, nurturing and growing space – for adults, children, animals and plants alike. If you share a similar vision and outlook on life, and would like to volunteer your time, skills and experience to help co-create this beautiful refuge, I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully welcoming you into my family. Grateful, Carla Vieira

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Carla esta definindo o que fara com o projeto então efetivamente ajudei na cozinha, conversei sobre religião, cultura e antropologia. Passei bons dias com a família e tive a oportunidade de conhecer o local e os hábitos dos moradores da ilha. Sobre o projeto é necessário atuar com jardins e hortas mas nesse momento esta em fase de avaliação de como continuar então não foi possível atuar com essas atividades. Minha principal tarefa foi cozinhar e organizar a cozinha além de fazer compras nos mercados. Eu fiquei muito bem instalada no quarto para voluntários e fazíamos nossas refeições juntos.

8 months ago


O projeto esta em um momento de decisão sobre como seguir e Carla esta avaliando o que é melhor. Não atuamos com horta e jardim mas ela tomou o cuidado de nos avisar antes de chegarmos. Ajudamos na cozinha, conversamos muito sobre religiosidade, cultura e etc. Fomos muito bem recebidas e hospedadas, além da Carla nos levar pra conhecer lugares muito legais dessa ilha açoriana ! Caso o projeto avance, haverá muito o que fazer em relação a hortas e outros temas necessários e fiquei com a impressão que a Carla busca ouvir o que se tem a dizer para auxiliar e desejo que encontre meios de seguir!

8 months ago


Carla is an exceptionally caring and accommodating host. The property where she lives has great potential and a lot of natural beauty. As the project is still in its infancy, it comes with teething problems - so be prepared for a challenge! Carla's vision is an inspiring and necessary one: to restore natural balance and harmony between humans and nature, and ultimately within our own lives. This is the kind of project to pour your heart, creativity, sweat and even your tears into - and enjoy laid-back island living at the same time. Dive right in - I can only recommend it!

11 months ago

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