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Greeting all, I am American living in Calima-Darien, I have an ecotourism place, where I manage 700 acres of beautiful rain-forest. As you can imagine I have lots to do and need all the help I can get in the multiple areas that I work in. Things to do in lago Calima: -Top place in south america and third place in the world for kitesurfing and wind surfing. -Many other aquatic activities Thing to do in the Ecolife: -Zipline -Nature walks -Mountainbiking -Horsebackriding -Fishing -Bird watching

As mentioned above I am an american living in Colombia. Here my staff and I have a family style work environment. We enjoy laughing, sharing time, stories, and experiences. Although there is work to be done we try do it in the best environment possible, and try to enjoying it in the process.

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Hermoso lugar y equipo! 100% recomendado

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