We focus on eco-tourism, farming, education and skills development, health, environment, community development, sports and women empowerment.

We are friendly and easy going couple. We moved last 6 years from Capital to rural area. We have farm, garden and Park, We also design Fun park for promoting internal and external tourism for rural development. We can design different volunteer project according to interests, skills, experience, and profile of volunteers. We also launched free yoga and meditation class for interested. Now we are research in different subject like farming tools and help for rural farmers. You are most welcome at any time. Our Designing farming/gardening/animal farming/painting/Motivational/Park development/Teaching at school/yoga/Meditation/Rural development/rural Tourism/website design, Video making/Photography/promoting social media run all year round. You can join in any one field and your suitable time. Your experience is great for us. Normally We have always Workawayers here. You can stay here how many days you like. We need Volunteers all year. We are Gita, Gita's son(Avishek) Nepali helper, Me(Bishnu) my wife and my mom here. We are very close to Chitwan National Park and lies 100 miles away from the kathmandu. Our work run 4-5 hours a day. Some hours in morning, some hours in afternoon and some hours in evening (depending on weather). Other spare time, you can either take rest, chat with villagers or walk around the village and National park. Jungle walk if you want.( for National Park, permission and Guide is essential) Please feel free to write us.

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