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Our campsite is a unique experience where our friendly, sociable and relaxing campsite meets the incredible Edinburgh Festivals - the world's largest performing arts festival in the world. The Edinburgh Festivals are made up of 6 different festivals, all running throughout the month of August including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Edinburgh International Festival, the International Book Festival, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh Art Festival and the MELA, which celebrates the cultural diversity of Scotland. The Edinburgh Festivals attract over 4 million people and the Fringe alone ran over 50,000 performances of theatre, comedy, dance, music, opera, circus, burlesque, children's shows and more. We ask you to volunteer your time to complete a variety of tasks for your place at Edinburgh Festival Camping - that's your free stay in either your own tent or one of ours, free breakfast, free WiFi and access to all of our facilities (with exclusive volunteer facilities too!) AND most importantly, an incredible opportunity to meet new friends, contribute to the running of our campsite and be a part of an unique experience. Every year we are joined by approximately 80 volunteers who join our campsite team over the 5 weeks of our operation, some for the minimum stay of 10 days - others for the whole month. These people are often travellers, teachers, students, gap year families or retirees who typically come from about 25 countries around the world. We love hosting and getting to know each person, as well as building the friendly community that our campsite is known for. If you're looking for somewhere to call home, to make lifelong friendships and be a part of a project where we work hard and have fun, this is for you! Be a part of our campsite family Meet amazing people from around the world 4 hours per day Free Edinburgh accommodation – bring your own tent or Motorhome / Campervan Free tent accommodation with airbed and sleeping bag to those who can’t bring their own Free breakfast Weekly “Volunteer Social Night” – the whole team enjoys an evening meal together Access to all of our facilities, including hot showers, free WiFi, free tea and coffee, cooking facilities including pots and pans, and loads more... 25 minutes by public transport from Edinburgh city centre and the world's LARGEST performing arts festival! We also try our best to make environmentally responsible decisions for our company! We always aim to reduce our carbon footprint by carbon offsetting against our emissions, reducing paper use in our office, and when we're on site, our whole team are expected to use reusable cups, plates and bowls at meal times. We encourage our customers to do the same and when they can't, we provide compostable cups and plates. Separate recycling, food waste (compost) and general waste bins are found all around our campsite.

My name is Sarah, I joined Campingninja as a volunteer back in 2016 and absolutely loved the experience I had at Edinburgh Festival Camping. With my colleagues Geoff and Rhian, we work all year to create this great campsite and experience for our customers and volunteers. The campsite is open for the duration of the Edinburgh Festivals every August. At the campsite, we are joined by 10 other management staff members who we've met over the years (most began as volunteers!) - we are really more like a family. We are friendly and welcoming, hard working and relaxed. We love to have a laugh and we appreciate each other. We all have travelled extensively which is why we love being able to share this experience with other travellers. We love learning about each person, making new friends and we're proud to say we've hosted over 230 volunteers over the past 5 years since Edinburgh Festival Camping began.


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This was an amazing experience! I recommend the Ed Fest Camping so much. The staff is super friendly, you get to meet people from all around the world and you also have plenty of time to enjoy the Fringe. I'll def be back next year if I can.


New Zealand


Very average. Lots of issues in the beginning made the whole experience just bearable and had me eager to leave. Really hard to plan anything with rosters coming out the night before. A hassle to get into town. Good tents. Good breakfast. Good and bad staff. Hard to make friends coming in half way. I was expecting a very different experience.


Sarah replied

Hi Kate, I’m sorry that it wasn’t the experience that you were expecting. We try really hard to set expectations by sending out pre-arrival information and information related to the campsite, our location, the volunteer programme etc. There are many public transport options to get you into the city centre and this year there was bike hire available at the campsite too. I know that there was a miscommunication between you and our colleague that meant your stay started on the wrong foot (we weren't prepared for your arrival on that day) but we hope that you enjoyed it and made some lifelong friends.

We spend the whole year planning for this project and we work really hard to ensure that our staff, volunteers and customers all have an amazing experience. A great amount of that time is spent focusing on the improvement and continuation of our volunteer programme and we have consciously made the volunteer experience one of the fundamental elements of our campsite. Our staff is made up of backpackers and world travellers who have had amazing volunteering experiences elsewhere. This is our way of giving back by offering a volunteer programme that we're proud of.

We hope you have amazing adventures in 2020 and thanks again for your help and feedback - all the best x



My time in The Festival Camping Ninja was really good, almost perfect!
My time there was amazing, I could meet people from different part of the world and the environment between us was the best!
All the people in the staff were excellent persons who we had fun with almost every day!
The tasks in the job were really easy, considering you had partners you work and have fun at the same time!

If I can go back someday, I will do it!

Cheers Ninjas!




One of the best experiences of my life, great vibe at the campsite and with the team. Accurate job description, and also job rotation, so you can have the full experience. I would definitely recommend you to grab this opportunity, and I’ll be there next year if I can!




I had a great time! Really lovely people, a great festival to visit, and comfortable dry tents, even in floods! The work was kept to strictly four hours, and was always reasonable. I would definitely recommend, especially because the festival is amazing.


Sarah replied

Thanks Megs, we absolutely loved having you! You are hard working, easy to communicate with and we appreciated your experience and confidence in checking in and dealing with customers. I have written to Worldpackers to ensure we can give you the full 5* review that you deserve! Thank you so much for your help and good luck with your future adventures! x

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