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We are a newly-established language center based in Haiphong. We provide English and French classes at very reasonable prices to people that cannot afford to study at the big language centers of the city. We give classes for all kinds of people: university students, workers, and children of different ages and English levels. Every Saturday we hold a charity class (completely free) at a local pagoda, we teach English to poor children that come from the countryside. We have volunteers from all over the world living all together in the apartment giving you the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange not only with Vietnamese people.

Everybody here in the center (and actually in the whole country, for that matter) is very friendly, specially with foreigners. As soon as you step in you will be treated as part of the Panda Family by both the Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese volunteers. Vietnamese people have a lot of respect for teachers, and a lot of curiosity and interest for people from other countries, so, since Hai Phong is not a very touristic city, you can expect to be treated somehow like a Celebrity. The students will often invite you to go out and have a few beers with them, to help them practice their English.


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I have volunteer with them for 2 months, and this is my impresion:
Very disapoining experience. There were a coulpe of vietnamese workers who were helpful, but the rest of the team were distant and unsocial. they lie to me about having breakfast, very disorganiced (you dont know what you have to do, for hours, until last 5 minutes before the class) they didnt tell me any activities to do in the city so I was bored 20
hours a day, they locked the princial door with me inside more than once and the list of problems continue...

over 3 years ago

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