El Territorio

Vivir una vida en comunidad. Crianza de los hijos. Medicinas naturales. Naturaleza. comida saludable. Agua pura y aire fresco. permacultura y huertas organicas. bioconstruccion.

Somos 17 adultos, 9 ninos educados en casa, 1 bebe, 7 perros, 2 gatos, gallinas y muchas colmenas de abejas. los voluntarios van a ser parte de nuestra familia y seran tratados como tal.


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Fue, una experiencia enriquecedora en muchos sentidos, compartir en esta hermosa comunidad me permitió conectar con mi ser y con lo que realmente busco que es la libertad, la libertad de ser quien quiero ser, me permitió conocer personas maravillosas y estoy feliz por las conexiones que hice y que se estarán en mi vida por largo tiempo, gracias por todo lo vivido, ahora soy una persona más feliz. Recomiendo que empaquen maletas y vayan a conocer y vivir esta experiencia en tan maravilloso lugar...

Infinitas gracias

about 2 months ago



The people who lives in the territory were by far the best part of the experience, Marta, Néstor, Chris and Flow were amazing to meet and it was what made it worth it for me. However, I cannot say the same about the hosts. They weren't very attentive and they never explained to us what was the porpoise of the work we were doing, we were set to build a yoga center with mud and we did it, but just because, we were never told about the project nor got encouraged to do so, also there are no activities to do, just to eat, work a little and sleep in our tent. I wouldn't recommend it sadly :(

10 months ago



Foi uma experiência deliciosa! Todos me trataram super bem, me senti em casa, tive boas conversas e muitos aprendizados.
A internet dá bem para trabalhar, a carga de atividades foi leve e dentro do combinado, o que é ótimo para quem viaja trabalhando como eu.

It was a delightful experience!
Everyone treated me very well, I felt at home, I had good conversations and learned a lot.
The internet is good to work, the load of activities was light and within the agreed schedule, which is great for those who travel working like I do.

10 months ago



El Territorio is fantastic bio community located on the hills of Ginebra. The communication with the host excellent and well detailed and had no trouble getting to the destination. The farm is run an amazing family and a wonderful team all living on the property itself. The property itself is amazing with spectacular views of the mountains and the valley. The accommodation provided was very cozy and comfortable, the home-cooked meals were amazing and there were weekly traditional medicinal ceremonies like Inipi which made the my first volunteering experience an unforgettable experience.

11 months ago



El territorio es un lugar maravilloso para realmente conectarse con la naturaleza, la vibra que se respira es muy buena, todos son muy amables , siempre hay cosas por hacer.

over 1 year ago

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