English House

I also started as a volunteering english teacher in a homestay and i can't even begin to describe how useful the skills i've developed are on a daily basis. Though, i can say for sure that it will increase; your patience, your ability to understand other people's point of view, your ability to express your thoughts depending on who is in front of you, your actor skills (haha, and i am not even joking... body language becomes a key to explain anything) The other skills it will bring you depends mostly on what you are looking for and what you expect to improve on!

We are a team of 5 people. Each of us have different skills and missions towards students and teachers. We all have at heart to ensure the best environment to feel safe and welcomed. In order to do so, we are not afraid to speak freely with anyone that needs guidance. we provide help for visa extension and advices to keep travelling through vietnam if need be. one of our team member is also a doctor. he can provide help on any health issues or can recommend good doctors in the city if anything should happen (So far, so good, though! ;) )

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