English Playground Gangnam

A perfect place to really immerse yourself in the culture. Get to meet the locals with many different lifestyles and other travelers from all around the world. Gangnam is at the heart of Seoul - provides great accessibility to all around the city

The staff have also been travelers outside of Korea from short to long period of time. We understand what it is like to be welcomed and feel like home away from your own. Hope each and every traveler to make the most of their experiences in Korea. During your stay, you can get extra help with whatever in need as far as our courtesy extends.

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Overall I enjoyed my stay at this language studio.
MJ, Daye, and Tiger are extremely nice and helpful hosts!!
The work itself can sometimes be tiring but it's also extremely funny and you'll learn a lot about Korea and Korean culture.
The accommodation can sometimes get messy since you'll be living with up to 9 other people but it's still a nice place to stay.
I'm so happy that I was able to be a volunteer here and I will never forget my stay here :))

11 days ago



My experience at the language studio was amazing ! I met wonderful people there, volunteers and locals.
MJ, Tiger, Young and Daye are always here to help and make your stay incredible.
the 4 hours work is sometimes tiring but you have lot of fun (and you have 10minutes break time before each session).
For the accomodation, it is quite small for 10 people and sometimes it can be dirty. But if everyone clean their own stuff, the place can be comfortable.
As for the food you have free bread, ramen and rice.
Overall my experience at the Language studio was great, I had a lot of fun working there

21 days ago

United States


This language studio was truly such an incredible experience. I’d never been to this type of place before and was nervous about going. When I arrived I was greeted with an amazing vibe in the studio, from both the students and the volunteers. MJ and Tiger are great host! They try their very best to make sure all the volunteers feel welcomed. The hour’s at the studio aren’t bad and leave a lot of time to explore the beautiful city. I truly enjoyed my time here, getting to know the students, and even the other volunteer’s. I’ve made great friends here. I’ll definitely be coming back! Very soon!

about 1 month ago



I participated in this program for 3 months and I loved the experience!I would highly recommend it for anyone looking forward making international friends and getting to know a new culture and city from the locals themselves!The schedule at the cafe is kinda flexible, so it will allow you do other activities around the city. Everybody, staff and students are very nice and kind. The accommodation is near the cafe, it might seem a little small but is actually comfy. The hosts will provide basics such as rice, water, soap…
I would definitely come back, I will never forget all the people I met!

about 2 months ago

United States


-MJ, Tiger, and Dae are so kind!
-The cafe was a fun place to meet Koreans / learn about the culture :)
-Work is only 4 hrs/day so there’s lots of free time!

-Didn't get any rundown when I arrived; found out a lot of things in later on by chance. It felt like a game of telephone between the volunteers
-Many amenities listed (3 meals a day/language lessons/etc) are NOT offered! Ask them for details
-10 volunteers share a 2bd/1 bath apt. and it got VERY messy and gross. Was hard to live in for long

The living space was a let down but the experience in Seoul was wonderful!

about 2 months ago

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