English Playground Gangnam

A perfect place to really immerse yourself in the local culture.
Get to meet the local patrons with many different lifestyles and fellow travelers from all around the world.
Gangnam is at the heart of Seoul - provides great accessibility to all around the city

The staff have also been travelers outside of Korea from short to long period of time. We understand what it is like to be welcomed and feel like home away from your own. Hope each and every traveler to make the most of their experiences in Korea. During your stay, you can get extra help with whatever in need as far as our courtesy extends.


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I had an amazing experience at the Gangnam English Cafe. I met so many locals and also international travelers. This experience is definitely a great way to immerse yourself into the Korean culture and you also have a lot of free time to explore the city. The accommodation does need some improvements and is quite dirty. Overall I had the best experience and I would love to come back someday!

4 days ago

United States


I could’ve never imagined I’d make so many friends from around the world and of course from Korea. The work itself of talking to people for up to 4 hours straight can get really tiring, but sometimes you have lighter loads or you really enjoy the conversation with the person so time flies by. The accommodation is pretty small and dirty but it wasn’t the absolute WORST. Don’t let your anxiety get ahold of you and stop you from experiencing this wonderful program. Also, I did 3 weeks but I felt like I truly could’ve stayed up to 6 weeks, but you decide what is best for your capacity & schedule!

16 days ago



This was my second stay and it was great, like the first one!
Would definitely recommend it and come back if the chance occurs 🫶🏼😊

16 days ago



The experience was very nice. The apartment and the studio are very close. Working in the language studio does not feel like work, every talk is spontaneous and different. Most of the people who go there are workers or students. The apartment is quite small and there is only one bathroom for ten people so, sometimes it can be quite messy. Everyone in the apartment was charming and usually we did plans together.

18 days ago



It’s my first experience at worldpackers and I had a really great time. Food supplies are delivered every week and shift preferences are accepted. Dorm is shared with 9 other ppl and it can be a little inconvenient at times since the doors aren’t very soundproofed, but overall it’s decant. Cleanliness basically just depends on everyone in the house. The working part is also pretty nice cuz u get to talk to a lot of locals and make friends with them. It’s also easy to make friends with other volunteers, everyone is so nice

30 days ago

The managers replied


We regret that we missed the opportunity to leave a review of your experience. Thank you so much for your invaluable time with us. Your cooperation, especially while managing your health challenges, is deeply appreciated. Every volunteer's contribution is vital to our program, and yours has been truly outstanding. We are grateful for the kindness and experiences you shared with our team throughout your stay.

Best wishes :)

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