ERASMUS STUDENT in LEUVEN? Looking for a dogsitter in Blanden, Belgium

Are you going to be a Erasmus Student in Leuven? Or are you working on your thesis? Or you just want some time off? Do you like to live in a quit envoirement, with the forest only minutes away? But still close to Leuven?

3 to 4 nights during the week i have to go to Antwerpen. The small dog's cannot join me there, the big one can. I am looking for someone who can help me out and take care of my baby's when i am not there I life very close to Leuven and a lot of other city's in Belgium. The days that i am at home, the volenteer is free to travel where he likes I life in Blanden (15km away from Leuven) in an old farm house which was renovated last year. I offer you a room with private bathroom, there are 2 living spaces with tv, a big kitchen (we have to share) and a lot of other small and bigger places. We also have a garden. The public transport is very close by, it takes you 30 min to go to the city center of Leuven. Here you can find the train station that brings you to all the city's in Belgium. There are also 2 supermarkets close by, 15 min walk. Leuven is: 20 km van Brussel 60 km van Antwerpen 90 km van Gent 140 km van Oostende 25 km van Mechelen 70 km van Genk You can also traval very easy to other international city's/country's (Paris, London, Germany, Amsterdam,...) please send me a message if you like to have more information! Looking forward hearing from you! Liz

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