Erick Memorial Foundation For Education & Rehabilitation For Disabled

Volunteering at EMFERD is a truly one-of-a-kind experience - nowhere else will you be able to have the freedom to pursue your own project to have a substantial impact. Honestly, we are a small organization, and we rely heavily on the kindness of people like yourself - coming to contribute meaningfully for whatever period of time they can give us. Because we are small, and we are growing, it means that we are happy to harness your expertise wherever you feel it may best fit. This is not an organisation where you will arrive and be ordered what to do - we like to give our volunteers the time and space to choose what they want from the experience. If you're interested in education, we'd love you to teach our children. If you're interested in outreach, we have a whole community we work closely alongside. If you're not sure, there are so many different ways we can help you get involved! Coming to EMFERD means making a difference, and you get to choose how. We would love to have you stay, and we know you'd love to be here!

EMFERD is more like a family - we have five full-time carers in Morogoro town and two full-time carers in Mvomero. This means you will get to know and work alongside all of our wonderful staff closely. We look after 17 children in our Morogoro residence, and 15 teen girls in Mvomero - they're all so kind, with gigantic hearts, and they love to get to know the people who come here from across the world. When you are here, we will provide three meals a day - of course you can choose to cook, but no one so far has. Mama Cecilia is an incredible cook! You will also live alongside the children you work with - in both Morogoro and Mvomero. It means, before long, you will feel like another member of our family. We work hard, and we hope you will too, but honestly however much you want to do here is really your choose - your weekends and evenings belong to you, and so does the rest of your time really. You choose how long and hard you work, and whether you want to pursue other tourism related activities in your time here. We are just grateful to have you - for however long you choose, and whatever amount you choose to do. We ask donation of $10 per day for food and Accommodation volunteer will get 3 meals a day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


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