ESN Oktoberfest campsite

If you want to visit the biggest beerfestival in the world, this is the most cost efficient option around. With a lot of time to enjoy the festival you will be sure that you haven't missed a thing.

As all former ESN members we know the international crowd is the best crowd. You'll be spending your time with mostly international students from all over the world and showing them the time of their life.

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Nicki, Yuri and Stella are awesome! Yes Trips gave me the opportunity to live the real Oktoberfest experience spending few money as I had all the meals and a tent in exchange for the working hours. They explained how the festival works and gave us all the tips to have an incredible time! Our tasks were mainly building tents and keep them cleaned to the guests. They were very flexible about the working hours, so we could enjoy the festival and have some free time to visit Munich as well. I highly recommend them as a host, they care a lot about the volunteers, so much love and fun!!!

10 days ago


Amazing place with amazing people. We worked hard in the camp and after a while we were already a family. I made a lot of good friends and the ones that were responsible for us took really good care of us. Our Oktoberfestcrew is the best!!

12 days ago

United States

I had a wonderful time working at ESN Oktoberfest. Met a lot of great people, work was fulfilling and not too demanding, and was provided the opportunity to see Oktoberfest in Munich. One of the coolest experiences in my life. Thanks! Would recommend.

16 days ago


some("It was my first experience with Worldpackers and it couldn\'t have been better!! I loved it!!! Great staff and flexible work time so you can enjoy the Oktoberfest a lot! Highly recommended! Thanks Yuri,Nicki and Estela for everything!! :)")

16 days ago


It was a great experience and a great opportunity to go to the Oktoberfest. The staff is nice, and the hours aren't that much so you have time to enjoy the festival.

16 days ago

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