Estela Mendieta

Warm atmosphere, long conversations about everything, a little bit of lovely Guarani language ( not too much :), interesting cultural experiences. We can share our stories in different languages as English, Spanish and Portugues. You will have the chance so immerse in a beautiful and calm neighbourhood of Miami and meet other people around the area in your free time. The city is perfect for a wide variety of activities - for those loving the outdoors and also those who'd like to visit Orlando or the Everglades, etc. It is a widely visited City due to its beauty and history. Today I really want to have some help to make some renovations in my house and I think it is a very good opportunity to receive help from people who have good energy, good ideas and the time needed to develop the project while We share a rich experience in cultural exchange, knowledge and skills. I am willing to provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for my visitors in this fantastic city. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. I live alone in my house, my son lives close by and comes to visit also every week. The project: renovate 2 rooms of my house. I have many ideas on how I would like these new rooms to look so that they are ready to receive guests, but unfortunately I do not have the time to do so because I work many hours a day. That is why I am looking for volunteers who can help me start this project from scratch by contributing other ideas and all the strength and energy necessary to achieve it. I wish we could start with fairly simple tasks such as organizing and labeling everything that is currently in these rooms, mainly clothes, toys, books and suitcases. Also change furniture and move them from one room to another in order to optimize the space. Paint walls and make some repairs in the main bathroom, so it is NECCESARY that the volunteer has experience in PLUMBING and PAINTING. I am looking for 1 person, preferably a handyman, to work 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, in exchange for accommodation in a shared home, in Miami. im accepting applications from people with experience painting, renovating, repairs, plumbing, doing manual labor (heavy lifting etc). The volunteer will be living in the house with me, with a private room and shared bathroom and living area with free WiFi. In my house, there is much to do but all this you will be able to do in a very quiet environment and most of the time you will be working alone since I work away from home. We are conveniently located with local shops and bus stop in front of the house and the backyard of the house is a very beautiful large golf course. The house is located in an excellent and very safe neighborhood of Miami, blocks from a beautiful coastal walk, just 15 minutes from Miami beach, downtown Miami, airport and Malls etc. We will discuss meal arrangements, based on your ability / willingness to cook for yourself, if interested i can supply basic meals, though all other special meals and snacks will be supplied for yourself. I am able to host for long periods until we finish the project depending on special skills and how we get along, but the minimum stay is 3 weeks. I am flexible about when hours are worked and willing to discuss options. I am happy to advice on local activities and share our culture and yours.

I am a very friendly women, willing to help and share at all times. people always tell me that I have a big heart and think I believe is the truth :) I have discovered that my passion is service and hospitality, I love being able to meet new cultures, people, experiences and make new friends.

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