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2 minutes walk from ‘Freedom Square’ next to the old town, centre of Tallinn. Euphoria Hostel is known immediately by the colourful graffiti on the front door by infamous Baltic artist SAKI. Quick access to public transport, supermarket and attractions make it a perfect location for holiday. Started in 2007, inspired from experiences in alternative communities in southern Spain and funky squats in Berlin. The creators wanted to combine the feeling of individual freedom with values of respect and tolerance to make a neutral space where people could find a common ground together. A soft common lounge full of musical instruments becomes a place of inspiration and relaxation. Euphoria hosts many workshops, live music performances and cultural evenings in our common area. Encouraging guests to play instruments like, piano, drums or guitars that are amongst the soft couches and twinkling candles. Shared kitchens are well used by our guests cooking different dishes from around the world.

Staff are chosen for their genuine care for people and keeping a peaceful environment. We treat our staff with mutual respect - we respect and care about you and we expect the same from you.


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I worked at Euphoria for 1 week as a night porter. Great experience, the work hours were fair and the staff was flexible in programming the shifts.
The hostel has also a great atmosphere, you'll meet travelers from all over the world and the staff regularly organize some music events. I would recommend :)

about 2 years ago


One of the best experiences I had while traveling is working in Euphoria Hostel.
Liis the one of the managers contacted me and when we met directly became friends. She is very lovely and outgoing. I cooked in the hostel for 5 days and had the blast to meet allot of travelers coming to stay. And met some lovely Estonian friends. Gonna definitely miss jamming session by Jonathan second manager. They made some great music there.
If you had the chance to visit euphoria well do it :)

over 2 years ago

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