Everest English Center

This location is in the countryside of Hanoi so volunteers can enjoy the rural atmosphere- fresh air. you can see many fields and animals. - First, it is very close to a stadium where you can join some sport activities such as football, volleyball and running. Sometimes, there are some traditional festivals' for community to enjoy. - Second, It is quite near a market and a supermarket where you can buy and communicate with friendly people. - Third, It is near the bus station and the airport where the transport system is convenient to travel to Hanoi center, places around Hanoi, or even around Vietnam. In addition, you can also drive a motorbike to Hanoi center with 30 minutes! Last but not least, Sometimes volunteers can go to take pictures and go with a local family to enjoy traditional cultural activities. - Finally, you can participate in our English club where there are many different, friendly, open minded , and funny people of different ages. Here we will discuss different topics; exchange cultures, and share anything you want. After club time, you can go out to drink beer, sing karaoke, etc ...

Everest English Center is a social enterprise of educational development in Hanoi. It was founded on the idea of a group of students and supported by many social workers over the world. We believe that education is the key for development so we aim to create an open and fair learning environment for all communities without any regard to the economic status of the students. We provide some free classes as well as low price English classes for all people in the rural areas of suburban Hanoi. We help them to overcome their fear of learning English. In addition, the students gain access to their will of communicating with foreigners and obtaining a good job in an English environment. Moreover, we create a multi-cultural environment for both volunteers and Vietnamese people. You can discover the Vietnamese culture and customs through meals, daily life, traditional landscapes and festivals. We believe that your contribution will bring many practical benefits to the community and society.

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